Creating a Community of Sustainability Believers

Believers in Sustainability 

“Sustainability” is increasingly becoming the buzz word in the fashion industry since the last decade and the fascination around it doesn’t seem to stop. There is an increase in awareness about sustainable practices amongst conscious consumers, and willingness to adopt brands that have an eye on it. Unfortunately, the statistics behind the thought still need to look robust for a real impact. What will really move the needle in the fashion industry to make it more sustainable? The answer may lie in the consumer itself, or a community of sustainability believers.  How does one build a community, proliferate the message and make sustainable fashion a way of life for the consumer?

Changing perception

Many consumers believe that the sustainability in fashion is a thing of intrigue and mythical status. Even though there are a number of brands making small steps towards offering sustainable apparel, footwear and accessories, and social media has helped them reach the right eyes, things could be cheerier. Talking of ‘sustainability and mass brands’ is somewhat of an oxymoron, so then consumers are still at sea about finding brands that truly tick the sustainability aspects. There is a perception that these brands are elusive, which needs to be changed.

Truly educating the consumer

Even if a consumer is on a conscious path, chances are that he or she may not understand the true and extensive meaning of sustainability. Brands are often believed to be green-washing, which means showcasing a product in eco-conscious light, whereas it may not truly tick all the boxes. The consumer needs to understand what does sustainability truly mean and then make a choice on the brands they want to wear. 

Offering the right product, at the right price point 

There is a perception that sustainable brands are more expensive. If conscious fashion has to be a way of life for the user, brands need to offer the right product with fashionable attributes at the right price point. Paaduks offers sustainable footwear, in excellent practical designs for comfort and, staple and special colours. At the same time, the footwear is reasonably priced so affordability does not stand in the way of an eco-conscious consumer. This right mix of product styles and pricing is the key to our long-term relationship with consumers.

Making the consumer the natural mouth-piece for sustainability

Once the consumer finds and experiences a sustainable brand, and is continually delighted, chances are that he or she will become a natural brand evangelist. This is the truest form of praise, when a consumer talks naturally about the brand and speaks for the sustainability case. This is the best way to create a community of sustainable believers. 

To create a community of sustainable consumers means to truly educate them on the use of their purchases, energy and immaterial services in such a way that their use minimizes impacts on the environment. The journey to authentically become a conscious consumer is a long one, and the brands need to play an important role in offering great quality sustainable products at the right price for a long association. 



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