‘Footwear must-haves this Wedding Season

The wedding season is upon us and as we step into celebration, it is important to note HOW we step into it! This is the time of the year when we celebrate all things beautiful. Beautiful traditions, practices, relationships, decor, and of course adornments! So, whether you are running around decorating your home, delivering presents and well wishes to your loved ones, or on the dance floor tearing it up, your footwear mustn’t tear up as well! So in honor of all things beautiful and dependable during this season, we have rounded up the ultimate shoe guide for you for this time of the year!

1. The classic Kolhapuri

Nothing says festive yet comfortable like a classic pair of Kolhapuri chappals! With their traditional yet versatile design, they are the number one must-have footwear during the festive season. They are easy to slip into and timelessly classic. This footwear is going to be your best friend stepping into the season of celebration. Simple yet elegant, the Kolhapuri inspired styles might just be the dynamic flat footwear for women and men. Just put on a pair and you are ready to step into the celebratory vibe!

2. It’s all in the prints!

The wedding season is hardly the time to shy away from statement prints and pieces. Add a little extra oomph to your outfit and a skip in your step with footwear adorned with handcrafted detailing and vibrant designs. With a pair of statement footwear, there is no need to fret about your looks this season. Pair these eye-catchers with any simple outfit and you’re good to go!

3. The sustainable styles

While we are celebrating the wedding season it is important to remember to celebrate and preserve the environment around us that sustains us and these celebrations. Fast fashion and environmental degradation are generally on a rise during this season due to increased consumption and waste generation. So, as we step into the wedding season it’s also important to step into the adjoining responsibilities, which also include switching to eco-friendly vegan shoes over non-sustainable options. This is why festive yet sustainable and upcycled footwear is a must-have this wedding season.

4. Neutrals.

With all the elaborate styles and the vibrant colors that are a part of wedding fashion, having a neutral go-to can be a lifesaver! Having a careful selection of classic neutrals can save you time when it comes to pairing your outfits with the right footwear without making it clash! Put on your best dress and don’t think twice as you race into celebration.



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