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Indian Leather and Non Leather footwear market is one of the largest employment generating sectors. We are the second largest producer of footwear behind China. The footwear industry in India contributes about 2% to India’s overall GDP along with employing 2 million workers, making the sector one of the top employment generators in the country. With the growing population in India and the rest of the world, the footwear industry is going to continue it’s ascend to keep up with the captive and global requirement. The current market size of the footwear industry is estimated to be at $ 10.6 billion in 2019, estimated to grow to $ 15.5 billion by 2024.

The vastness of the industry has provided the much needed courage and motivation for a lot of unconventional shoe makers to set up shop. The footwears we get now are not only made of leather but also of various other materials such as plastic, rubber, cloth, and other various synthetic and natural raw materials.

The average shoe making process has its fair share of pollutants that it releases in the environment. With growing awareness in the masses, people are trying to make a conscious decision to buy sustainable products. It is difficult to create affordable fast fashion footwear without contributing to a humongous amount of waste. 

We at Paaduks have been working towards a greener, sustainable future since the year 2013. We are making conscious efforts to make comfortable, affordable, stylish footwear which is sustainable and eco-forward, We are taking steps to be environmentally friendly at each and every step of the sole making process.All of Paaduks Footwear are handcrafted and made with utmost love, care and a sense of responsibility towards the environment. We strongly believe every effort counts and are hopeful that switching to sustainable footwear is a step in the right direction. 

Our footwears are crafted by Kaarigars which translates to craftsmen are the hardworking experienced cobblers whose families have worked in the same profession for generations.Their delicate craft of shoemaking is handed down from generation to generation, Sadly the karigars are a dying breed, they have lost a significant portion of their livelihood to the use and throw culture that has stemmed out of fast fashion.Their precision, accuracy and detailing makes sure our footwear has a long shelf life and can handle wear and tear. With every Paaduks footwear you buy, you not only support the environment but also our talented kaarigars. 

We hope that the seeds of sustainability that Paaduks will sow will reap the sweet fruit of a better and greener future for the generations to come

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