What are vegan shoes?

Whenever we hear the word vegan, our first thought is about the dietary preferences some of our fellows have. Of course, switching to veganism is a challenge- it is not easy to keep up with it. But what if we tell you there are other ways in which you can take your first step towards a sustainable lifestyle? What if we tell you it starts with your shoes? Shocking, isn't it?

Vegan shoes are gaining popularity as more people are becoming aware of processes that go behind different products they use in their daily lives. It is imperative that we make conscious choices and try to contribute a little more towards giving back to our surroundings. 
Some of you might already know what vegan shoes are. For those who don't, vegan footwear is made without making use of animal products or their by-products such as leather, fur, wool, suede, silk, etc., or any animal-based glues or any other form of raw material that goes behind the shoemaking process. Hence, any traditional material used to make shoes like leather glues made of animal products, etc. is not used for making these sustainable shoes. Most of the time these types of footwear are handcrafted.

Vegan footwear leaves a smaller carbon footprint than the traditional leather ones. It is better for the environment and also can be easily made. Hence, it is also affordable.

We at Paaduks are staunch environmentalists. We believe that nothing is more important than doing our bit and taking a step towards a cleaner and greener future. Not only do we use vegan raw materials but also make sure we upcycle different materials to make comfortable, beautiful and stylish footwear for both men and women. 

We upcycle used tyres, yes you read that correctly - we make use of tyres - for making the soles of our footwear. Our collection of flip flops, Lace ups and Slips ons, both for men and women have soles made of up-cycled tyres. We make use of plant based materials like jute and cotton to make the upper part for our footwear. For the inner lining, we make use of handloom cotton. We also use Cork which is a naturally occuring sustainable fabric.We have various collections of cloth based footwear as well. 

We at Paaduks have come up with various ways to use different types of materials for making comfortable, affordable and trendy eco friendly flip flops, lace ups and slip ons. Our upcork collection makes use of corks and has tyre soles. Our shoes are vegan, upcycled and eco-friendly. We make sure all our raw materials are cruelty free, sustainable and eco friendly. That’s not all, all of our sustainable handcrafted footwear are easy on your pockets as well - yes you heard it right - going green has never been this affordable before!

All of our products are handcrafted and made with utmost love and accuracy by shoemakers who have a lot of experience. Their precision, accuracy and detailing makes sure our footwear has a long shelf life and can handle wear and tear. Our Kaarigars are the hardworking experienced cobblers who have lost their livelihood due to the use and throw culture that has stemmed out of fast fashion. With every vegan footwear you buy, you not only support the environment but also our talented kaarigars. 

So what are you waiting for? Head to our page today and check out our collection now!



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