‘A guide to the footwear fashion essentials your wardrobe needs’

The world of footwear is vivid and varied, from different styles to textures to patterns the list goes on. While this diverse world of footwear is extremely alluring, this diversity can also make choosing the right collection of shoes that much more daunting! But don’t worry, we have got your back with our ultimate guide to the shoes you need to add to your wardrobe to create a fool-proof footwear collection!

1. The spontaneous soul

For our spontaneous souls out there, who are always at the edge of their seats bustling with new plans. They need a trusty pair of footwear that’s as easy going and fun as they are and what better to take on this role than a trusty flip flop! A flip flop is a must have to help you navigate days where there is no time to stop, just slip them on and you are good to go. An adventure doesn’t wait, and with your trusty flip flop it doesn’t have to! So, if you want to buy men’s flip flops or women’s, this is your sign to go for it!

2. Pop of print

Make your feet the star of the show! A pop of print on your footwear is a foolproof way to elevate your outfit instantly. Pair it with jeans, casuals or dress it up, nothing says fashion forward like a statement footwear!

3. Comfort first

Not all days are alike, some are more hectic than the others and for those days when you need to keep up your pace and be on your feet all day, a comfortable and reliable pair of footwear needs to be your go to! Comfortable cushioning so your feet don’t have to feel the brunt of your hectic day! Show your feet some love when life keeps you on your toes! So, if you are looking for sling and buckle style flat shoes for women or flats for men, make sure you find ones that provide your feet with the support and comfort it needs.

4. Classic basics

Versatility is the most important trait when it comes to picking pieces for your wardrobe. Having footwear that will effortlessly pair with anything bringing in ease to your style as well as the outfit planning process is always a great choice. And what can do that better than a classic leather finish (eco-friendly vegan shoes of course) in a neutral colour? This footwear is always going to be your best friend when you need to switch from work to out and about the town in minutes!

5. Weather Resistance

Just because it drizzles, doesn’t mean your plans need to come flooding down. A pair of water resistant footwear is going to be your saviour when the weather doesn’t cooperate with your plans! A water resistant shoe is going to protect your feet and your style! The climate may be unpredictable but water proof cork sandals your footwear will be dependable.



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