Best Shoe Styles for Christmas Parties at Your College or Office!

The holiday season is fast approaching, and so are the parties! So this Christmas season, be ready to dazzle all the social gatherings that come your way. Read on to get tips for choosing the proper footwear for different parties and find the best women’s shoe styles for Christmas Parties at your college or office parties.


How to choose the best type of footwear for different occasions?

Type of occasion

Firstly you need to consider the occasion you are attending and choose the pair you find the most appropriate.


Type of Outfit

People wear shoes depending on their outfits. So you first need to decide the type of dress you will be wearing. A poor choice of shoes can ruin a solid #ootd, no matter how fancy & expensive those are.


Comfort level and preference

Choosing a shoe that makes you feel comfortable is essential to boost your confidence. You can enjoy the occasion and feel confident in front of everyone when you are comfortable. Always put yourself first when it comes to choosing an outfit.


The dress code

Always remember to follow the dress code to the tee. Sometimes there may be no dress code for some events. In such situations, it's better to understand the vibe you want to portray.


What to Wear for Christmas Parties?

It depends on the vibe you are going for or the dress code the hosts provide for the Christmas party. Comfort should also be a factor to consider in order to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Here are some ideas to help you get started:


An office party:

These parties help you network and connect with people from various departments; thus, it's essential to look your best. Go for attire that is office appropriate and provides comfort.

Ideas to style yourself:

  • Combine a knee-length black dress with diamond studs. Wear black festive sandals to complete the look.
  • Choose a white shirt with lace and pair it with beige slacks. Complete the look with a versatile casual flat.
  • Go for an indo-western salwar and pair it with braid-style flats for a clean look.


A house party:

These parties are laid back and involve a group of people who are usually close. So choose your outfits according to the given theme or go for whatever vibe you want to radiate.

Ideas to style yourself:

  • Go for your favorite blue jeans and pair them with a white strapped top. Add on Corduroy mule flats to jazz up things.
  • Choose a long and flowy dress and wear braid-style flats to go along with it.
  • Pair your black jeans with a red shirt and partly tuck it. A box-heeled sandal would look great with it.


A college party:

Students look forward to Christmas parties to spend quality time with their friends and peers. However, as it usually involves a lot of dancing and standing, comfort and style should be equally important. 

Ideas to style yourself:

  • Go for a mix of a bold red dress, gold accessories, and a flat with a hint of bling.
  • Opt for a flowy black top and wide-legged jeans and pair them with box-heeled footwear to add to the style quotient.
  • Pair a long-sleeved turtleneck with ripped jeans. Complete the look with elegant tie-up flats.


Best Women’s Shoe Styles for Christmas Parties at Your Office or College 

Here are a few Christmas party shoes for women from Paaduks that you can wear during your Christmas parties:


Tara - Gold | Box Heels for Women

Tara Gold - Box Heels for Women

Elegant festive footwear that comes with designer fabric straps gives your whole look that bling that makes you stand apart from others. It is one of the greatest options.


Den Black | Versatile Casual Flats for Women

Den Black - Versatile Casual Flats for Women

These lightweight sandals are a great option this Christmas season for a feeling of utmost comfort and femininity. Pair them with any outfit and leave a mark on the onlookers.

  • Beautiful, soft suede flats
  • Lightweight steel studs on straps
  • Easy slip-on
  • Comfortable 8mm insole
  • Soles made from discarded rubber tyres


Heti Pearl | Multi Occasion Wear Sandals for Women

Heti Pearl - Multi Occasion Wear Sandals for Women

Intricately brocaded strapped footwear that is sure to turn some heads! This footwear instantly elevates your look. A great option that can be worn on multiple occasions.

  • Soft vegan leather lining
  • Adjustable buckle style
  • Comfortable 8mm insole
  • Soles made from upcycled rubber tyres


Corduroy - Nua Mud Women Mules

Nua Mud Women Mules

An easy flat mules with closed front covering and crisscross straps. It comes in the rustic shade of tan brown and can be worn with both traditional and western attire. 

  • Corduroy Fabric Straps with soft vegan leather lining
  • Comfortable 8mm cushioned insole
  • Soles made from discarded tyres


    Saba - New Beige | Multi-Occasion Wear Sandals for Women

    Saba New Beige - Multi-Occasion Wear Sandals for Women

    A beautifully designed festive tie-up flats that are easy to tie. Highly fashionable and multifaceted pair of footwear to complete your Christmas look.

    • Festive fabric with soft vegan leather lining
    • Comfortable 8mm cushioned insole
    • Soles made from 100% upcycled rubber tyres
    • Handcrafted by artisans with fairtrade standards.



    It is essential to be sustainable whenever and wherever possible, then why leave it out when it comes to dressing up for occasions?

    This Christmas season, choose vegan-based, fashionable, and affordable footwear from Paaduks. Our footwear is handmade by artisans belonging to a small community of cobblers from Kurla, is entirely made out of discarded rubber tyres, and is 100% upcycled.

    Choose Responsibly; Choose Sustainability!



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