How Does Upcycled Tyre Waste Use To Make Paaduks Sustainable Footwear?

In 2013, we found ourselves stumbling upon a unique idea – taking a fashionable and eco-forward step towards a better future by creating stylish and sustainable footwear using old, discarded tyres. We at Paaduks have found a way to convert the tyre waste into comfortable footwear effectively. So we dedicated our efforts towards fulfilling this purpose, and as a result, our labour of love, Paaduks footwear, was born.


We strongly believe in striving to achieve equality for our environment. The primary way by which we aim to do this is by taking a fashionable planet-friendly step towards a better future by upcycling! We use loads of discarded rubber, from old tyres, rubber mats, and upcycle them to create soles for Paaduks footwear without any chemical processes.


We have forayed into the upcycling cork as well, and together, with locally and ethically sourced raw materials – jute, cotton, and more – we create uniquely comfortable and sustainably stylish vegan footwear. To sum it up, it’s as straightforward and sustainable as pie!

The major steps involving in the Paaduks footwear making is:

  • Procurement of used tyres:
  • Cleaning of the collected tyres
  • Further Processing:
  • Handcrafting of the soles:


Procurement of used tyres:

Our journey begins by procuring the waste tyres. But, unfortunately, there is no scarcity of this.


Cleaning of the collected tyres:

Back at our workshop, we take utmost care to wash it and sanitize it to make it safe for our team to process it further. Discarded tyres usually end up in the landfill with other waste making them less favourable to handle with bare hands. 


Further Processing:

The tyres are sent to the cutting station, where the tyres are cut into manageable pieces so that our master craftsmen, i.e. the cobblers of Kurla, can work their magic.


Handcrafting of the soles:

This is where the magic happens. We have gathered a team of skilled cobblers who have been stitching shoes for generations. These cobblers primarily hail from Kurla, a busy suburb in Mumbai. Even though they possess immense skills, corporations and private organizations withheld their right to earn a decent wage. So we strive to create a workspace where they are respected and make a respectable living.


We at Paaduks have been working towards a conscious and sustainable future since our inception. We are making conscious efforts to create comfortable, affordable, stylish footwear sustainable and eco-forward. We are taking steps to be environmentally friendly at each step of the sole making process.

All Paaduks Footwear are handcrafted and made with utmost love, care, and a sense of responsibility towards the environment. At Paaduks, we want you to look good and feel good about yourself and the planet as we move towards 100% sustainability by adopting sustainable, environment-friendly processes and do not compromise when it comes to providing the best quality product at an affordable price.


Kaarigars craft our footwear; the hardworking, experienced cobblers who have worked in the same profession for generations form our backbone. Their delicate craft of shoemaking is acquired through the ages. Unfortunately, due to the fast fashion industry taking over today, kaarigars are slowly becoming a dying breed. However, their precision, accuracy and detailing make sure our footwear has a long shelf life and can handle wear and tear. With every Paaduks footwear you buy, you support the environment and our talented kaarigars. 


So, what are you waiting for? Head to our page today and check out our collection now!



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