5 Latest Designs of Suede Collections for Women in 2022

What is Suede?

Suede has been dominating the textile industry through the 20th century and has cycled back as a major fashion trend this year. This soft and durable leather is a favourite of designers globally for its distinguished appearance and luxurious feel. 

The use of suede is not only limited to clothes and handbags. Over the years, this one-of-a-kind material has paved its way into footwear and is used for creating some iconic, fashionable as well as durable apparel for feet. With its durable and long-lasting utility, suede combines delicate panache with versatility. 

Wondering what Suede is made of?

Although suede leather is loved vastly, the harsh reality of its manufacturing is not something to be overlooked. Suede is obtained from the skin of animals like lamb, pigs, goats and deer. 

The skin is ripped off of these animals after they’re slaughtered for luxury we can surely live without or have alternatives for. These simple beings lose their precious lives to ensure that the production of suede continues due to the high demand. 

Is there a vegan alternative to Suede?

To put an end to this inhuman practice, vegan suede was introduced and is sometimes referred to as “faux leather”. This leather alternative is made up of microfibre plastics like PVC and PU. Recent technology has made it possible to obtain suede from recycled tyres, cork, mushrooms and paper, making this material purely guilt-free and cruelty-free. 

Advantages of Vegan Suede Footwear

Suede footwear are fashionable and look good in a variety of different outfits.

  • Highly Durable
  • Comfortable Wearing
  • Soft and Smooth Appearance
  • Nature Friendly
  • Elastic properties. Suede stretches well and quickly restores the shape
  • Long-lasting

Vegan suede tops the sustainability list as it is extremely durable and saves animal lives by the thousands. When it comes to choosing shoes that will go on and on, suede is your best friend. This leather alternative has the exact same look and feel, with the added advantage of being extremely kind to the environment. 

The material is designed to give a luxurious and high-end feel to its wearers along with a decorative finish. Additionally, suede comes in a wide variety of hues denying what Elvis stated in one of his songs.

Trends You Need To Know In Vegan Suede Footwear for Women

Paaduks vegan Suede footwear collections for women is a unique blend of sustainability and style. Catering to your vegan and comfort needs, Paaduks has taken an eco-conscious approach by combining elementary tones with smooth texture and studded embellishments. Added is the comfort of an 8 mm insole that’s something our customers absolutely love.

Handcrafted to Perfection: Here are our latest designs of Suede Footwear Collections for Women in 2022:

  • Lume Tan Versatile Casual Flats : These beautiful, soft suede flats go with almost anything and are a perfect pick for any occasion. Made from 100% vegan suede leather, Lume offers an easy slip-on style with comfortable sole bedding made from upcycled tyres. If you’re one of those who have a hard time selecting matching footwear, Lume is here for you.
but casual suede flats for women
  • Mose Green Versatile Casual Flat : Slide into one of the most popular and in-demand suede flats with Moss. Adored for being lightweight and reliable, these flats come with studded straps and pointed closed-end to protect your feet while equally delivering style. Spend an entire day at work rummaging through clients and buildings effortlessly with the comfort of Moss.

    • Saar Brown Versatile Casual Sandal : We’ll give this one a 10! Open-end with adjustable buckle style, Saar is what one needs to complete their look. When heels are something you find uncomfortable to wear for hours, Saar makes it easy. Handcrafted with love and perfection, these flats are your best friend when it comes to attending all night clubs and parties.

    • Ana Black Versatile Casual Sandal : Need we say more. Black is not just a color, it’s an emotion. Ana is designed to add class and luxury to your formal and evening wear. Make a bold statement with these fabulous and uniquely created sandals. Keeping it classy, Ana is embellished with studs at the back and offers an adjustable strap to give your feet that delicate hold.
    casual suede sandals for women
    • Su Blue Versatile Casual Flat : Take it from us: Su can ace up any look you pair it up with. Whether you’re a working professional, a university student or a party freak, these flats will never disappoint you. Half-slides and half-bellies, Su does not completely cage your feet and keeps the on-lookers charmed with their look.
    buy casual suede flats online for women

    Putting an end to your suede concerns, these 5 latest suede sandals are real game-changers. So, if you’re looking for something fashionable without having to compromise with comfort or sustainability, these flats are for you. 

    All of Paaduks’s suede sandals for women are 100% handcrafted and vegan and are the beau ideals. Every pair is refined by keeping fairtrade standards in mind to achieve an environment-friendly approach. 



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