Why are Rubber Sole Shoes Essential for Your Wardrobe?


The world is growing sporadically, and along with the advancements, they also affect the environment. With too many products created, the amount of wastage is also more. Decomposing it correctly is the need of the hour. While recycling is one method used for breaking down material and reusing raw materials, considering its hassle on the environment, people are now moving towards sustainable products.

Sustainable products that are vegan in nature are more cherished, considering their cruelty-free technique. Upcycled rubber soles made using environment-friendly materials like rubber and waste tyres are preferred.

This article discusses in brief what upcycled rubber sole shoes are and why you must have them in your wardrobe.


What are upcycled rubber sole shoes?

More and more people are opting for environment-friendly products. Upcycling is a lucrative way of ensuring the least amount of waste is added back into the ecosystem. Upcycling uses old and discarded scraps like rubbers, tyres, etc. and converts them into new ones. In short, upcycling adds value to the product.

Rubber sole shoes are high-quality footwear designed using waste rubbers and tyres that are entirely vegan in nature. A rubber sole helps in providing grip to the balls of your feet.


What is the impact of upcycling old tires into shoes?

To know the impact of upcycling old tires, it is important to know what recycling is. Recycling uses breaking down the product and using the raw materials to make new products. On the other hand, upcycling does not break down the products; instead, it is used as a raw material to transform into enhanced products.

When broken down, old tires end up filling the landfills, contaminating the ground. The liquid from the tyres percolates the sites and soil. On the other hand, when they are burned, the harmful toxic gases pollute the environment. Upcycling old tires into shoes prevents toxic gases and liquid from harming nature. Instead, they are used as soles for making vegan shoes that are enhanced and useful.


Why are Rubber Sole Shoes Essential For Your Wardrobe?

Rubber soles pose immense benefits. They are considered ideal footwear for daily wear as well as workplace shoes. Some of the top benefits of rubber sole shoes are essential for the wardrobe and much more.

  • They are anti-skid: Rubber soles provide resistance from slipping across different types of surfaces. Additionally, they are oil and water-resistant.
  • They provide comfort to feet balls: They are comfortable to the feet and hence most suitable for walking long hours.
  • They are safe: Rubber soles provide protection, especially while working in a hazardous environment. It is ideal footwear to don while working or visiting mines, construction sites, and factories.
  • They are a barrier against harmful chemicals: Rubber soles protect against burns and high temperatures. In addition, they act as a barrier against acids, chemicals and cement, thereby saving them from burns.


Are rubber sole shoes good for winter?

Yes, rubber sole shoes are suitable for winter. They provide a good grip and prevent slipping when walking on the road in wintry conditions. Besides, they also keep your feet warm and are flexible in nature.


Must-Have Rubber Sole Shoes for this Winter

When it comes to purchasing rubber sole shoes online, Paaduks is your destination. Renowned as one of its kind vegan shoe brand that uses old waste rubber and tyres to design unique handmade footwear.

Here are a few lists of must-have rubber sole shoes you can wear in winter for the utmost comfort.

Lume Tan Versatile Casual Slide-in for Women

Excellent colour and flexible design make it ideal for long walks and work. In addition, it is made of soft suede material and is entirely vegan.


  • It includes an 8mm comfortable insole
  • Its soles are designed using upcycled rubber tyres
  • It is handcrafted by expert artisans


Den Black Casual Flats for Women

Are you looking for footwear that is easy on the feet and can be worn for formal gatherings and casual hangouts? Paaduks Dan black casual flats are vegan and made of upcycled waste materials like rubber or tyres.


  • It is made of upcycled vegan materials like rubber and tyres
  • It consists of lightweight steel studs that add to a glamorous touch
  • It includes an 8mm insole and keeps it easy on the feet


Sko Grey Casual Sandals for Men

Grey is a neutral colour which pairs well with almost all outfits. Thus, you need not brainstorm a lot about the footwear matching your outfit. Besides, if you like cruelty-free products, Paaduks Sko Grey is the sandal.


  • It is designed with an adjustable buckle
  • It is flexible and the soft suede makes it comfortable on the feet
  • It is handcrafted by professional artisans in unique designs


Zoo Black Casual Sandals for Men

Black is classic and vintage. Zoo black sandals for men made of vegan materials like waste tyres and rubber offers the best pick option anytime and every time for casual hangouts.


  • Its adjustable buckle provides perfect fitting
  • It is handcrafted by professionals, making each pair different from another
  • It is soft, flexible, and comfortable, including an 8mm insole



There are plenty of reasons to go for upcycled rubber shoes that are vegan and eco-friendly. Besides, rubber soles are known for its grip, durability, and comfort it provides across seasons. The 8mm sole is soft and easy on the feet and reduces pain even after walking for long hours. So, are you ready to go green and opt for vegan rubber sole footwear? Do check the website of Paaduks and browse through the options available.


FAQS of Rubber Sole Shoes:

  • Are rubber soles long-lasting?
Yes, rubber soles are long-lasting and last for many miles.
  • Is rubber sole good for a long walk?
Yes. Rubber soles are excellent for walking. They are flexible, absorb shock and provide a firm grip on slippery surfaces.
    • Is rubber sole good for shoes?
    Yes. Rubber soles provide good traction on the ground. Besides, being made of long-lasting material like waste tyres makes it highly durable and indestructible.
      • Are all rubber sole shoes vegan?
      Yes. Rubber sole shoes are vegan as they are made of waste tyres and rubber, which are cruelty-free.
        • Is rubber sole good for feet?
        Rubber sole provides good comfort to the feet. They are flexible and shock-absorbing, which makes them best for the feet.
          • How do Paaduks make their rubber sole shoes?
          Paaduks uses waste rubber acquired from tyres to make rubber sole shoes.




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