Why are Vegan Suede Shoes Perfect for Winter?

Winters are a magical time of the year. From our surroundings to our everyday fashion, everything undergoes great change reflecting the change in the season. When you’re in regions that have specifically harsh winters, it becomes important to choose your fashion wisely - your coats and shoes included. In this article, we discuss what makes vegan suede shoes your perfect partner in the winter.


Why Should We Choose Suitable Shoes for Winter?

Winters come with a drop in temperature that our bodies take some time to adjust to. Our feet, when we’re taking long winter walks, are especially prone to the wrath of the winter. Our daily sandals or slippers might not just cut it because they don’t protect you as much. You need something cozy, something warm, and if you’re anything like us, something uber fashionable. 

The chances of precipitation in the winters are higher than in the summers, so it is natural to navigate towards something plasticky but that’s a compromise on comfort. When your skin is extra sensitive due to the cold, you need something that at least resembles natural for your feet to get comfy. 

In addition, when the everyday fashion is greys and other dull colours, you depend on your shoes to make that great impression. We know you do not want to get caught wearing something only utilitarian. 


5 Keys To Choosing The Right Winter Footwear 

Here are the five things you can keep in mind when you’re on your next shoe shipping spree for the winter season. 


1. Choose shoes as per the work you’re doing

What shoes you should wear depends a lot on what you’re going to be doing. You don’t want to get caught in slippers while lifting things outside. So, choose footwear that reflects and is great for the task that you’re going to do. If you’re going to be working in the wet, avoid anything that can get drenched. 

2. Avoid anything that has a chance of slipping 

Your grip is important in the winter. Getting hurt hurts more in the winter for some reason, and the wounds also take longer to heal. So, be better prepared by avoiding anything that has a chance of slipping. You will know what’s good or bad when you take a look at the sole of the footwear. Rubber is best, plastic doesn’t cut it for the winter. 

3. Breathability is always good

The fine balance between breathability and protection is what you should be searching for in your winter shoes. If you plan on wearing shoes for the entire day, it is always good if there is sufficient breathability. It prevents fungus and other miscreants from making their home in your feet.

4. The more support, the more comfortable you are

When there are no laces or straps or buckles holding the shoes to your feet, there is extra effort from your feet that usually goes unnoticed in the other months. In winter, you will notice it is. It is sometimes painful, sometimes just incredibly uncomfortable. Better to find something that will not move away from your feet once it is fastened.

5. Avoid the narrow lasts and heels

Winters are different in different places. There is low visibility in some places, there is snow or there are random streams gushing on the roads with burst pipes. Narrow heels and lasts are a hindrance when your focus is somewhere else. It takes an extra amount of effort and focus that you can do without in the winter. 


Go Vegan and Versatile this Winter!

Apart from our responsibility towards fashion, we are also responsible towards the planet - thus, cruelty free suede shoes (vegan suede shoes) not only sets an example but also defines your sense of responsibility. Made from upcycled rubber tires and other vegan materials, Paaduks fashionable vegan suede shoes is extremely versatile and can go with almost any wardrobe. 

(Find out how to clean your stylish vegan suede shoes easily right here.)


Why are Vegan Suede Shoes Best for Winter?

Benefits of Using Vegan Suede Shoes in Winter


1. Vegan Suede provides you the warmth that winter needs 

Vegan Suede already looks warm with its looks, but it is especially warm in function. A pair of vegan suede shoes with socks will give you warmth even during the harsh winter. It is thicker than other flimsy materials and double-coated for better winters. 

2. Suede matches the time of year 

If you’re going for dashing winter looks, you cannot possibly miss out on vegan suede as it completes almost every winter attire. Come out all fashion guns blazing with suede tones and finishes that make a statement - for the world and the season. 

3. The rubber grip helps navigate winter travels 

Great quality vegan suede is usually paired with good rubber souls that are both durable and grippy. When the slippery slopes of snow-laden winter roads arrive, you need your best grip. We all know the embarrassment of the “almost fall,” and it is best we try to completely avoid that with great vegan suede shoes!

4. Breathability above everything 

Winter is the time for fungi to come out of their nests and attack our softened feet. When there isn’t breathability in our shoes, the moisture gets trapped and becomes a breeding ground for all kinds of fungus. With breathability in our vegan suede shoes, we can completely avoid this debacle. 


Stylish Women’s Vegan Suede Shoes That are Perfect for Winter


Den Black Versatile Casual Flat for Women

Den Black - Versatile Casual Flats for Women

When stepping out on the streets in your comfortable winter clothes, these stylish, soft vegan suede shoes are your perfect choice. Step up your style game with these upcycled sustainable footwear!

  • Soft vegan suede flat slip ons
  • Crafted with lightweight studs on straps
  • Upcycled and Handcrafted

Lume Tan Versatile Casual Flats

Lume Tan Versatile Casual Slide-in for Women

This winter, the colour you choose is tan! Comfortable, casual and chic - these upcycled vegan suede flats adds a spring in your winter steps.

  • Comfortable Slip-ons.
  • Handcrafted by artisans with Fairtrade standards.
  • Sustainable packaging

Saar Brown Versatile Casual Sandal

Saar Brown Versatile - Comfortable Casual Sandals for Women

This winter, don’t just go for style - choose style and sustainability! These upcycled tan footwear gives you maximum comfort and minimum hassle!

  • Stylish ankle strap sandals.
  • Lightweight steel studs on straps.
  • Comfortable 8mm insole.


Stylish Men’s Vegan Suede Shoes that are Perfect for Winter


Sko Grey | Comfortable Casual Sandal

Sko Grey - Comfortable Casual Sandals for Men

Go casual this winter with the best vegan suede footwear handcrafted to perfection by the skilled cobblers of Kurla. Upscale your style with upcycled footwear!

  • Stylish, brown vegan suede sandals.
  • Adjustable buckle style
  • Soles crafted from upcycled rubber

Uri Brown | Versatile Casual Flats

Uri Brown - Versatile Casual Flats for Men

If you are looking for the most versatile footwear, look no further. It’s stylish, sustainable and smart. Make the smart footwear choice this winter.

  • Soft vegan suede flat slip ons
  • Upcycled from rubber tires
  • Sustainable packaging

Zoo Black Versatile Casual Sandal

Zoo Black - Versatile Casual Sandals for Men

“Thanks, it’s sustainable as well”, is what you reply when someone compliments your shoes! It’s well designed and handcrafted. Paaduks is your go to choice for the best upcycled winter footwear.

  • Stylish vegan suede footwear with adjustable buckle
  • Handcrafted with Fairtrade standards
  • Comfortable 8mm insoles



This winter, vegan suede, stylish and sustainable is the way to go! These amazing vegan suede footwear are handcrafted, durable and extremely comfortable. So, have you chosen your fashion wisely yet?




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