Size Guide

Confused about which size to order? Follow these simple steps.

1: Measure the length of your foot from the back of the heel to the toe.

2: Please note that since the foot is three-dimensional, any two-dimensional measuring tool will only give an approximate measure of your footwear size. So if you have broad feet, we recommend that you order one size larger.

 Foot Length  Paaduks’ Size
(EU size)
 US Size  UK Size 
21.8 cm354.52.5
22.5 cm365.53.5
23.0 cm376.54.5
24.0 cm387.55.5
24.5 cm398.56.5
25.5 cm409.57.5
26.0 cm4110.58.5
 Foot Length  Paaduks’ Size
 (EU size) 
 US Size  UK Size 
23.8 cm39076.0
24.5 cm40087.0
25.0 cm41098.5
26.0 cm42109.5
27.0 cm431110.5
28.0 cm441211.5
28.5 cm451312

Happy Shopping!!