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Vegan Footwear for Men and Women

Paaduks is your answer to stylish vegan footwear for men and women. Whether it is a walk at the beach or through office corridors, the affordable range of eco-friendly shoes from Paaduks exceeds expectations!

Let's Know More About Paaduks

At our core lies upcycling. Our true essence lies in making our products one of a kind. We handcraft stylish, affordable yet sustainable footwear. 

Each footwear is thoughtfully designed in-house keeping in mind the comfort and functionality factors for your day to day life. Our 8mm insole gives you comfort similar to how we think walking on clouds is like.

Upcycling: So far we have upcycled 850,000 kilos of tyres. We use discarded rubber from old tires, conveyor belts, and rubber mats, and upcycle them to create soles for our footwear without any harmful processes.

100% Vegan: Veganism is surely not easy, but we try to make it a little easier on you. Our vegan footwear is guilt-free and cruelty-free. With upcycled rubber, faux leather and handwoven straps, our shoes promise zero animal cruelty.

Recycling: Each year, 25 billion pairs of shoes are manufactured worldwide. Sadly, none of these are designed sustainably, making the textile industry the world’s second-largest polluter. At Paaduks, we believe in making an impact, by delivering upcycled footwear.

Biodegradable Packaging:We send you love in our eco-friendly packaging. Every pair you receive comes in a compostable box. Our packaging ethics focus on shaping the future along with creating a sustainable approach. So the next time you order something, you know what to do with the box.

Vegan sandals from Paaduks are handmade sandals with one of  the best cruelty-free materials available with excellent craftsmanship from expert artisans.

For a regular user of our vegan sandals, durability would not be a problem at all if they’re maintained well. Paaduks have the best vegan sandals for men and women consisting of evergreen designs available in all preferred colors that suit regular users as well as fashion enthusiasts.

Yes, and proudly so. Paaduks all products are handmade footwear, ranging from our handmade footwear for women to our handmade footwear for men. We collaborate with expert artisans to create designs and products that last long and remain vibrant!

Their waterproof nature might perhaps be the second best part of our eco-friendly vegan footwear. Only the monsoon collection is 100 % waterproof , Colors of warmth collection is only water resistant however, not all others are waterproof or resistant so we have to put this part a bit smartly.

The monsoon footwear collections from Paaduks are designed for the rainy season when you might have to cross a few puddles but would still want your sandals to be at their shiny best.

We have taken special care to ensure that every material used, including the glue, is waterproof and remains steady even when you’re running past splashy monsoon roads.