Our Story

Paaduks : A Fashionable Step. A Sustainable Future.

handcrafted footwear brand

Paaduks is an idea that ignited our minds in 2013 - an idea to make the world around us more sustainable, fashionable and environment friendly. Paaduks โ€“ a derivative of the Sanskrit word Paaduka which essentially means footwear. As an environment-conscious brand, we decided to upcycle old, discarded tyres and turn them into unique, comfortable shoes. The initiative was the first step to creating and promoting a vegan and sustainable lifestyle.ย 

Ethical. Environmental. Lasting.

sustainable footwear

As a brand, our core has always been to upcycle. From old tyres and conveyor belts to rubber mats - heaps and heaps of discarded rubber became the raw material for the soles of our footwear. With a strict no-chemicals policy, we design our vegan footwear from ethically sourced materials - jute, cotton, upcycled corks and more - and turn them into stylish statements of sustainable fashion.

The primary objective of Paaduks is to bring sustainability to the use of products that are planet friendly. The footwears are made by upcycling waste tyres and rubber to save the environment by reducing pollution, reducing cruelty against animals, reducing carbon footprints on the planet due to the fashion industry, reducing wastage of water and reducing the use of leather.

Masterful Artisans. Wonderful Art.

footwear made with artisans

The major tour de force behind Paaduks are the skilled cobblers of Kurla. Their infallible efforts towards making 100% handcrafted vegan shoes have created a new way of life in the world of fashion. These, otherwise underpaid and often exploited, shoemakers have been battling socio-economic issues. At Paaduks, we ensure that their talent and ingenuity is awarded rightly so that they can build their very own prosperous community.ย 

These artisans create affordable sustainable footwear from ethically sourced products and upcycled waste - Cotton, jute, denim, tyres, cork, pvc leather, elastic, foam etc. Crafting beautiful, fashionable and sustainable footwear from these materials is no mere task, and our team works tirelessly to ensure a sustainable future lies ahead


Paaduks - Upcycle. Upgrade. Upscale.

footwear made with upcycled tire

The idea of sustainable vegan footwear is very difficult to come across, Paaduks wanted to bring a positive change to this entire market as an environmentally friendly brand. Upcycling waste tyres has led to less waste in toxic landfills. Sustainable lifestyle choices like upcycled or recycled footwear lead to a reduction in the carbon footprint and our goal is to promote multiple ways to ensure the safety of the planet.

Distinct Characteristics of Paaduks Products

Paaduks products have certain features that make them stand out from the rest of the brands:

  • Ethical and Sustainable - From sourcing to crafting, a consciously ethical effort is out into manufacturing shoes that define your sustainable lifestyle.
  • Handcrafted - These vegan footwears are 100% crafted by the dexterous artisans. Each artisan is paid fairly to bring back the dignity of labor in their preferred art of shoe design and manufacture.ย 
  • Durable - As upcycled rubber and cork products, theseย handcrafted shoes have longevity and durability. They needย minimal maintenance to last you a long time while looking great.ย 
  • Environment Friendly - From inception to current times our goal has always been to care for the safety of the planet - resulting in conscious effort to reduce carbon footprint & promote sustainable ways.
  • 100% Vegan - Every raw material that goes into creating these stylish shoes is vegan. From the primary material to the glue that is used and even the beautiful packing material.ย 


India's Top Vegan Footwear Brand

Ranging from sandals and flip flops to knitted and braided vegan footwear, Paaduks has created an entire range of shoes with stylish designs & sustainable, upcycled materials that are handcrafted to perfection by skilled cobblers. Designed with a comforting 8mm-insole bed, we have upcycled 8,50,000 kgs of tires to make these footwear available for sale on the website, these footwear are delivered in 100% eco-friendly packaging all over India.