All the bright moments make life extra beautiful. Festivals bring in sparks into our lives. It’s something what each one of us looks forward to, it’s our escape from all worries, it’s our brightest moment in the darkest times, it’s our step into the “LIGHT OF LIFE”.

Our new festive collection is your sole-mate for every step in this direction. This festive season as we bring in all things that add light and hope to our lives we aim to do the same with our sustainable collection bringing in the light of sustaining the world around us as we celebrate this season. With comfort for you and sustainability for the world we believe in making a better life and a better future

On a journey towards saving the planet, every footprint counts. Our shoes don’t just protect your feet but help you protect the planet too. And we at Paaduks engineer shoes in such a way that you experience – Shoes for a better life.


Wow!, this caught me completely offguard.
I had ordered the Mens Coper's and they look and feel amazing. They feel sturdy, are comfy and look very minimalist as well. Thanks to Inzimam who helped me pick the right size.

Sameer Bankar

Ordered their recycled tyres footwear, to my surprise it turned out beautiful. Looks great, strong and is comfortable. Understand that these are made of recycled stuff, so it has a strong odour to it (in my case, its tyres), so these are little things we may come across but is negligible esp to help our environment. The price is quite reasonable from other 'luxury' recycle brands and this is great as everyone can contribute in a good cause without paying hefty price to help the world a little. Nice work Paaduks!


Soooo Comfy. Usually I never wear closed shoes before my toes hurts but these are so comfortable! It'll take 2-3 wears to break into them but I love how they are!

Nishi Joshi

ok @paaduks why didn't I here about you before. Once I get my first order I'm coming back for more!
Their shoes are awesome!


These flip flops made from upcycled tyres is so comfy! Hoping to get more during your sale if the Kids sleep on time, Lol !!


Upcycled, fair trade & sustainable footwear? I Love these super comfortable & amazing once from @paaduks. They are made from Upcycled tyres & cotton fabric <3.

Chitra Sekhar

“Paaduks is my first footwear purchase in 2 years. My journey to buying
less, throwing less, spending less continues but this is oh so worth it!”


“My @paaduks just arrived and I’m oh so in love! Made sustainably, packed sustainably. And I can’t stress enough on how comfortable they are. Love these”


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