New Year, New you

Aaannnnd it’s a wrap for 2020! What an arduous and tumulus year it has been. In a lot of ways, 2021 is a second chance at life for most of us. 2020 made us realize how we had taken everything around us for granted. Our new year resolutions are going to hold a lot more meaning this time. With all of us planning to hit the gym and committing time for the well-being of our families and loved ones, we think that some resolutions should also be made for this tiny blue rock floating around the sun we also call home, EARTH.

Our fast-paced life has led to us adopting lifestyle habits that contribute significantly to the amount of waste we generate. The footwear and clothing industries are some of the largest polluters in the world. They contribute approximately 10% of greenhouse gas emissions. The workers often work in inhumane environments and are not provided a fair wage for their labor.

Waste tires are especially tricky to recycle due to the sheer volume of the tyres discarded, their durability, and the different components that make a tyre. Due to this discarded tyres are ecologically problematic.

Lands fills are often the most common place where these waste tyres find their final resting place.

In recent years processes such as pyrolysis and devulcanization are used to salvage components like rubber, carbon black and steel cables. These processes themselves are highly polluting in nature.

In 2013 after rigorous brainstorming our team stumbled upon the idea of manufacturing eco -friendly footwear from the discarded tyres which led to the inception of Paaduks.

Our footwears cater to everyone who wants to make a difference to the environment and are eager to lead a sustainable lifestyle, looking good as they are doing it.

We like to believe we are upcycling instead of recycling, we bring you footwear that are fashion forward and engineered to provide maximum comfort while trying to save the environment.

 As much as we owe it to the environment we firmly believe we equally owe it to the society, small cottage businesses run by families living in remote areas selling jute, cotton etc. trying to earn a humble income. We incorporate the fruits of their labor proudly in our footwear.

All our raw materials are ethically sourced. We do not use any harmful chemicals or pollutive methods for crafting our footwear.

The most integral part of our process are our craftsmen themselves. The earnest cobblers from Kurla, Mumbai. Kurla has a history of producing the finest cobblers in India. Techniques handed down from generations to generations, some are closely guarded family secrets.

Due to how the malpractices by retailers and wholesalers a lot of these cobbles have been robbed of their fair wage and forced into a vicious cycle of debt. We ensure we handsomely pay for their services so that they can be a part of society and live a life of dignity. We strictly adhere to the guidelines put forth by the FAIR TRADE commission, no compromises.

We would be sincerely delighted if our ideology helps even a fraction of the population to consciously adopt a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle and change the world one step at a time. 



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