Season of Love

Ah! February has arrived and with it has the season of love. You know what we are talking about! Mr. Cupid and St. Valentines conspire this month to make us realize the importance of love, companionship, and togetherness. This month is for showing the loved ones how much they matter to us either by small sweet gestures or grand ones. Everyone has their language of expressing and showing their love to people who they care about.

Valentineโ€™s day is the most romantic day of the year across the globe. Celebrated on 14th February, this day is special for all people in love. Quite often than not, this day is portrayed and commercialized to show how couples express their love for each other. However, some people prefer to celebrate all kinds of love on this special day - be it love for their family, love for their friends, even love for strangers

This year, we wish to show you how to expand the love you have within you to not just the person or people around you but to something vast and equally important - your surroundings, our environment.

Our fast-paced life has led to us adopting lifestyle habits that contribute significantly to the amount of waste we generate. The footwear and clothing industries are one of the largest polluters in the world. They contribute approximately 10% of greenhouse gas emissions. The workers often work in inhumane environments and are not provided a fair wage for their labor.

In 2013 after rigorous brainstorming, our team stumbled upon the idea of manufacturing eco-friendly footwear from the discarded tyres which led to the inception of Paaduks. We at Paaduks have come up with a novel way of upcycling not just the tyre waste but also myriad discarded industrial parts like conveyor belts and rubber mats by turning them into footwear. We do not skimp on the comfort of our footwear, your feet wonโ€™t feel like they paid the price for saving our planet. We also make use of other natural materials like cloth, handloom cotton, jute, etc. Not only do we use vegan raw materials but also make sure we upcycle different materials to make comfortable, beautiful, and stylish footwear for both men and women.

Our shoes are eco-friendly, sustainable, comfortable, stylish, and affordable. Right from our raw materials to our beautiful finished goods, everything is completely Made In India. Supporting locally made products makes a huge difference not only to the environment but also provides employment opportunities to locals. Our footwear are crafted by seasoned veterans of crafting footwear, the cobblers(Kaarigars) of Kurla, Mumbai. Their precision, accuracy, and detailing make sure our footwear has a long shelf life and can handle wear and tear. With every Paaduks footwear, you buy, you not only support the environment but also our talented Kaarigars.

When you buy Paaduks footwear, you not only express the love you have for your significant other, or your friends and family, but you also extend the same love for strangers- the Kaarigars who make the most comfortable, affordable, sustainable, and stylish footwear for you. Not only that - you also extend your love for the surroundings and the environment.

So what are you waiting for? Show and express your love - go buy Paaduks now!



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