Sole Making Process

The invention of the wheel, a landmark event in the history of mankind. It facilitated the movement of goods and agricultural produce across long distances. As wheels started moving around an axel the possibilities increased and 2000 years later we have accomplished unimaginable feats. Sadly we have also ended generating large amounts of waste the trusty old tyre has its fair share to contribute to it. This problem has dawned on people and authorities across the globe and steps are being taken to recycle the discarded tyres, the methods aren’t always desirable. Though conventional burning or pyrolysis generates other harmful wastes like toxic gasses. In some cases, the tyers are left in landfills which either get burnt or lay there which become breeding ground for mosquitoes in the monsoon posing a severe health hazard for the community.

In the year 2013, Paaduks was born with the sole purpose to take a fashionable and eco-forward step towards a better future by creating stylish and comfortable footwear using old, discarded tyres. We dedicated our efforts to fulfilling this purpose. We at Paaduks have found a way to effectively convert this tyre waste into comfortable footwear. 

Procurement of tyre waste

Our journey begins by procuring the waste tyers, unfortunately, there is no scarcity of this. 

Sanitization of collected tyres

Back at our workshop, we take utmost care to wash it and sanitize it in order to make them safe for our team to further process it. This is an important step since these tyers have been driven on extreme terrains and have been exposed to a lot of dirt. Discarded tyers are often thrown in the landfill with other waste making them less than favorable to be handled with bare hands. 

Further Processing

The tyres are now sent to the cutting station where the tyers are cut into manageable pieces so that our master craftsmen i.e cobbler of Kurla can work their magic.

Handcrafting of the soles

This is where the magic happens. We have gathered a team of cobblers who have been stitching shoes for generations. These cobblers primarily hail from Kurla, a busy suburb in Mumbai. Even though they possess immense skills corporations and private organization withheld their right to earn a decent wage. We strive to create a workspace where they are respected and make are respectable living.

Our shoes are a labor of love and nothing gives us more joy than knowing it is making a difference to society and the environment. At Paaduks, we want you to look good and feel good about yourself and the planet as we move towards 100% sustainability by adopting processes that are sustainable, environment friendly, and do not compromise when it comes to providing the best quality product at an affordable price.



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