Best Footwear Color Choices for Women to Pair with Any Outfit!

Shoes are the next best friend after diamonds for every woman. And why not when women's footwear collections have a wider choice from variety to colours? Imagine wearing a brown peep-a-toe sandal with a grey suit or golden footwear with a black evening dress. Doesn't that make an enthralling combination?

While comfort still makes the first aspect when choosing footwear, colours fall closely second about which will pair well with the outfit. Although not rocket science, right-coloured footwear can make much change.

So, if you are confused about which coloured shoe to pair with any outfit, you will have a lot to take back once you reach the end. Read the sections below to reduce the brainstorming sessions of picking the shoe and turning it into a diva.

Best Footwear Colors that go well with any outfit:

Stylish footwear is a great way to elevate your appearance and outfit. Other than style, colour also plays an integral role. Let us sneak peek into the best footwear colours to complement any outfit.


When it comes to footwear, who can forget the king of colors? Black is the most opted color whether it is outfit or footwear and a safe pick too. Besides, it perfectly complements traditional wear and formals too. A black sandal or a flip flop is also the best pick for professional settings.

Pastel Colors

If you are not too much into loud colours, pastels are aesthetic and soft to eyes. They complement best with black or any monochrome outfit. In simple words, pastel colours like pastel green, peach and pink add a subtle pop of colour for too plain outfits.


Red can never be out of fashion. It adds the perfect pop of color if you are donning a black or white outfit. Moreover, if it is allowed in your office or is less strict, wearing a red sandal surely adds the style and fashion quotient combined with comfort.


Awarded the most versatile colour in footwear, browns are known to strike the best balance. These humble colors are the ideal pick casual hangouts to render a professional touch to your office attire.


These are soft colours which is at the top of every women’s list whether it is for lipsticks, outfits or footwear. Nude colour like Beige are saviours when the outfit does not have a uniform colour tone. These complement well with all whites, all blacks as well as metallic colours.


Tips for pairing best shoe colour and outfits

  • Beige, black and grey are neutral colours that can be worn with any vibrant outfit.
  • Brown and dark brown footwear look best with warm coloured outfits such as yellow, red and orange.
  • Flip-flops and peep toe pump sandals in brown, blue, tan and coffee colours make an excellent choice to get the basic look.
  • Complementing red with neutral outfits as well as with warmer and cooler outfits.

What is the most versatile footwear colour?

Neutral colours are the best-suited colours that are generally worn with any outfit. Brown and black are considered the most versatile colours. On the other hand, a stylish brown sandal will pair best with a smart navy suit.

Best Tips for Choosing Footwear Color & Matching Clothes


  • Contrast and complementing colours are the best options for most outfits
  • For instance, pair a light-coloured dress with light sandals and dark sandals with dark colours
  • Nude-coloured sandals pair well with embellished and sequined dresses
  • Navy, brown, grey and black are best for a professional environment
  • Wear footwear as per the seasons


  • Do not wear dark-coloured shoes with light-coloured outfits
  • Avoid matching the entire outfit colour from head to toe
  • Pairing swanky colours or red with formals is a complete NO
  • Always choose comfort over style
  • Never wear sparkly sandals with a sparkly dress
  • Do not wear white or flats during summer or boots in summer

How do you match dress colours to shoes?

Footwear speaks volumes about a person's choice and personality. Moreover, no woman will ever want to not own a shoe closet with a wide variety of footwear for every occasion and match every outfit that owns a box of jewellery.

Besides, it is undeniable that most women spend hours brainstorming about matching their shoes with the outfit. So here is a checklist of the Dos and Don'ts on how to match your dress colour when picking from an array of women's collections of shoes:

Consider colours that pair well with your clothes:

Contrast and matching colours always go well with the outfits. For instance, wearing black-coloured flats with a patterned or bright outfit provide a compelling outlook. But, on the other hand, if you adorn a very complex shoe, it can be too glitzy to the eyes.

Neutral and nude colours are the safe way out:

Nude-coloured flats such as peach or pastel colour combine well for a party or evening wear.

Add a spark of colour to plain outfits:

Contrast colours tend to be appealing. For example, adding a pinch of colour to your plain outfit will add to the zest. Pair a red shoe with a brown or black dress and be the evening star.

Choose a single colour with a multi-coloured dress:

A patterned dress with multiple colours must be paired with a single-coloured shoe. So pick a colour from your outfit and don it as your outfit.

Consider if your outfit fits best for professional settings:

Professional colours like brown and black are best suited for professional environments. Whereas grey, navy or red suits the corporate dress code well if your office is less strict.


Women have a wide range of choices, whether for outfits, bags or footwear. Yet while we are spoiled for various women's collections, including flats, flip flops, sliders, sandals, etc., wearing outfit-appropriate coloured shoes is imperative in addition to comfort and fitting.

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