5 Best Women’s Long Walking Sandals in 2023

Walking is a great sport. It not only keeps you fit physically but also relieves you from any stress. Yet it can be pretty tiresome if you have worn improper footwear. That is why choosing the right type of sandals is extremely important to enjoy long walks.

The sandal must be comfortable, lightweight as well as stylish. However, how to choose the best sandal? This article discusses long-walking sandals and runs the readers through their benefits, tips and best picks.


Benefits of Choosing Sandals for Long Walk

Benefits of Choosing Sandals for Long Walk


Love indulging in long walks? However, we are sure sandals may not be your first pick here. But looking closely, there is no better choice than sandals for a long walk or a stroll. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right pair which are comfortable, lightweight and breathable.

Contrary to myths, wearing sandals for long walks has several benefits. So, the next time someone tries to get you out of wearing a sandal for a long walk, throw your knowledge on them and enjoy the stroll. Check out the benefits below:


Compared to other types of footwear, sandals are more comforting and easy on the feet:


  • Ankle Support: Sandals with adjustable straps provide great ankle support from sliding out, thereby not tiring you from walking long distances
  • Sandals with well-cushioned insoles make them flexible to wear
  • Ventilation: Long-walking sandals allow air circulation to the feet and hence best suited for warm summer days. They provide coolness and comfort in dry and hot conditions
  • Light Weight: It is easy to walk long distances in sandals as they are extremely light and do not put extreme load on the feet after few hours.
  • Traction: They provide strong grip and secures your feet from any injury, blemishes or burns
  • Most Suited for Summer : The sandals are well suitable for summer as they allow air circulation and prevent your feet from sweating
  • Stylish and comfortable.

If your walking sandal has all the above features, then you have the perfect pair of long walking sandal partners to enjoy long strolls. However, the crux is choosing the right pair of walking sandals for women that are suitable for walking long distances without causing discomfort or pain.


How Do Walking Sandals Differ from Flip-Flops?

Flip flops are a subgroup of sandals. Compared to sandals, flip-flops are patterned differently. Flip-flops have an open and unattached back. There is no heel strap to support the ankle. Typically, you can differentiate a flip-flop from its snapping sound every time you walk.

On the other hand, sandals give accurate heel security, preventing you from falling. It consists of an ankle encircling strap that assists in keeping the shoe’s back stuck with the wearer’s heel. That makes walking easier without stopping or feeling pain in the ankles.

Furthermore, from a health point of view, sandals are a secure, safe and comfortable pick to enjoy long-distance walks without smirking. 


Why are Sandals Better Than Shoes?



They are open and breathable

They are closed and obstructs air circulation

They are comfortable in warm weather

They make the feet sweaty

They contain supportive footbed and non-slip sole

They have a sturdy footbed

They are anti-skid and lightweight

They are heavy on the feet


Also, cramping your feet inside the shoes can cause pain during long travel. So sandals are the better pick for long walks compared to shoes.


How Do I Choose the Best Long-Walking Sandal?

Wearing the wrong pair of walking sandals can be quite a task. Long-walk sandals are designed to keep your feet cool and fresh throughout. In addition, it prevents you from the embarrassment of smelly, sweaty and uncomfortable feet.

So, when selecting the right pair of walking sandals, it is important to look at a few necessary features. These include:

  • Sufficient cushioning
  • Comfortable insole that provides flexibility
  • A secure fit
  • Easy to slide in your feet and keep in place
  • Made of comfortable material that is non-sweaty and anti-skid


Where to Buy Best Walking Sandals for Women

Sandals are versatile and are the best alternative for any other footwear. That brings us to the next question, where to find the best long-walking sandals? Paaduks is your destination. The footwear collection by Paaduks is the first of its kind designed to suit long hours of walking without tiring your feet.

Its distinctive features are its soft cushioned insole, natural insoles and cruelty-free straps made of upcycled rubber. That makes long walking sandals for women by Paaduks stylish and lightweight to complete a stroll in style.


Comfortable Women’s Walking Sandals for Long Distances


Sko Cork Comfortable Casual Sandals for Women

Sko Cork Comfortable Casual Sandals for Women

Corks are the most suited pick if comfort is your top choice. These make the sandals lightweight and easy on the feet. You can easily cover long distances wearing cork sandals without feeling any pain in the ankles or base of the feet.


What makes it a perfect pick?

  • Insoles made of natural cork
  • Light on the feet and easy to walk
  • Flexible and soft
  • Contains soft tyre tube straps to keep your feet in place
  • Anti-skid and durable
  • Made using upcycled rubber tyres


Corda, Comfortable Casual Summer Sandals for Women

Corda - Hunter Braid Pattern Casual Summer Sandals for Women

Corda casual summer sandals in dark blue are stylish. They are cruelty-free and made of vegan materials like upcycled rubber tyres and faux leather. Its braid pattern and adjustable straps make it the perfect pick for long walks in style.


What makes it a perfect pick?

  • Adjustable straps made of faux leather to keep your feet in place
  • Upcycled rubber insoles made from waste tyres
  • Comfortable 8mm cushioned insole
  • Suitable for long walks in various terrains


Roob Cork Sandals for Women

Roob Cork Sandals for Women

Are you looking for comfortable sandals to enjoy unhindered long walking hours? Then, Roob cork sandals by Paaduks is your pick. Made of natural cork insole, it provides the perfect grip on your feet and allows air to circulate without making them sweaty.


What makes it a perfect pick?

  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Is completely waterproof
  • Designed using upcycled vegan materials like waste rubber tyres
  • Completely handcrafted by professional artisans
  • Lightweight and easy to walk


Sade Cork Casual Sandals for Women

Sade Cork Sandals for Women

Designed in jet black colour, sade cork sandals are waterproof and 100% handmade using upcycled waste tyres. The natural cork insole provides a cushioned feel for the feet and prevents friction.


What makes it a perfect pick?

  • Flexible and smooth on the feet
  • Light on the feet
  • Includes lean and sleek base sole
  • Protects from external injuries
  • Well-designed and durable


Bero Charcoal Casual Sandals for Women

Bero Charcoal Women Corduroy Sandals

Bero casual sandals by Paaduk in elegant black are stylish and most suitable for long hours of walk. Comfortable fabric and modern pattern make these corduroy sandals an ideal pick across seasons.

What makes it a perfect pick?

  • Made of soft corduroy fabric
  • Includes soft vegan leather lining
  • Contains adjustable buckles
  • Its 8mm cushioned insole provides flexibility
  • Made of upcycled rubber tyres that is cruelty-free



Long walks in sandals have plenty of benefits over walking in shoes or flip-flops. We love how it is effortless to walk on different terrain wearing sandals. Besides, it prevents any pebbles or mud from finding its way between your footbed and feet. Moreover, as sandals are lightweight, they prevent any pain on the feet and keep them comfortable. However, make a practical pick and you will never want to wear any other footwear whenever you think of going for long walks.

Visit Paaduks to discover first-of-its-kind long-walk vegan sandals in various ranges and designs. Check it out now.



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