Best Pairs of Corduroy Flats for Your Winter Wishlist!

Every season has a different outfit that suits the weather and provides comfort to the wearer. While we often are very picky about what attire we opt for during a particular season, footwear is neglected. However, with winter approaching and the weather turning cold, we require ideal footwear that will keep the feet warm and prevent losing heat from the feet.

Did you know corduroy is most suitable for the winter season? This article discusses the best corduroy flats to add to your winter shoe closet. So remember to check out the best collections.


What is Corduroy?

A corduroy is a fabric that is designed by weaving separate yarns together. Herein, it includes creating a twill or a plain weave with two yarns while the third one is interspersed separately into the wave.


What are Corduroy shoes made of?

Corduroy is created from cotton blend fabric which is more like cotton. It comprises memory foam and rubber outsole, giving the footwear flexibility and warmth.


Is Corduroy flats suitable for Winter?

Corduroy is the perfect fabric to opt for when the temperatures fall down and the body falls short of warmth. It is sturdy and made of warming fabric, a mix of cotton. That helps maintain warmth in the body and, thus, is an ideal option for winter. In addition, corduroy is sturdy and thick and comprises good weight, making it suitable for winter to maintain warmth.


Why are Corduroy flats so comfortable?

Corduroy is made of thick fabric wherein the yarns are interspersed. The design includes crisscrossing the yarns together and then using the third yard to create a weaving pattern. Footwear made of corduroy fabric is entirely vegan. It is environment-friendly and made of thick material similar to wool and cotton.

Both corduroy collections for men and women are available in a range of dark and tan colours. It includes adjustable buckles, weaving patterns, and a rubber insole that provides flexibility and comfort to the feet.


What does Corduroy Flats go well with?

Corduroys are the perfect pick for winter, considering their unique design and style. They pair well with any winter outfit, such as cardigans, sweatshirts, sweaters, casuals, jeans, and T-shirts.


Best Stylish Yet Comfortable Corduroy Flats for Men

Iru Mud Men Flats

Iru Mud Men Corduroy Flats

Are you looking for something flexible on your feet and soft too? Iru mud men's flats are vegan footwear made of upcycled waste tyres. Not only is it environmentally-friendly, but also warm on the feet.


What makes it a perfect winter pick?

  • It is completely vegan and made of upcycled rubber tyres and leather lining
  • It includes an 8mm cushioned insole
  • Its outer soles are designed using waste rubber tyres


Hiver Charcoal Men Sandals

Hiver Charcoal Men Corduroy Sandals

If you are someone who likes to keep it simple and comfortable, Hiver charcoal corduroy sandals are meant to be your footwear for this cold winter season. Comforting and eco-friendly, they provide comfort and enhance the appearance notch higher.


What makes it a perfect winter pick?

  • The 8mm insole is flexible and comforting on the feet balls
  • It includes an adjustable buckle to keep the footwear in place
  • It is completely vegan and made by artisans in unique designs


Ben Men Flats

Ben Men Corduroy Flats

Men flats by Paaduks bring the ideal occasion for men to flaunt their style and set a fashion statement.


What makes it a perfect winter pick?

  • The footwear are sustainably made of upcycled waste materials
  • It includes an 8mm cushioned insole that is easy on the feet balls
  • It comprises fabric straps and soft vegan leather lining


Best Corduroy Flats for Women

Nua Mud Women Mules

Nua Mud Women Corduroy Mules

Stylish and exquisite, Nua mud mules in brown are the perfect pick for winters from Paaduks. It perfectly combines soft corduroy fabric on the upper part and soft vegan leather lining.


What makes it a perfect winter pick?

  • It is handcrafted by artisans
  • It includes an 8mm cushioned insole that is flexible
  • The outsoles are made of upcycled rubber tyres


Riri Mud Women Flats

Riri Mud Women Corduroy Flats

Are you looking for fashionable flats that don't look out of place with your winter wear? Riri mud women's flats are ideal for winter to keep the feet warm.


What makes it a perfect winter pick?

  • The soft corduroy fabric helps in keeping the feet warm
  • It comprises of 8mm cushioned insole and rubber outsoles
  • Each piece of footwear is uniquely sustainably made by artisans


Bero Charcoal Women Sandals

Bero Charcoal Women Corduroy Sandals

If you are a fashionista who likes to be in style across seasons, then Bero Charcoal sandals in your pick. Classic on the feet and warm, the jet black comprises a flexible strap to fit your feet.


What makes it a perfect winter pick?

  • It includes a flexible elastic strap made of faux leather
  • It consists of an 8mm cushioned insole and adjustable buckle
  • It is entirely vegan and made of upcycled waste rubber tyres


Get the best quality Corduroy flats online at Paaduks

Are you looking for footwear that is vegan and free of animal cruelty? Paaduks Corduroy flats collection is made of upcycled rubber tyres and is available in exquisite, vibrant colours. The USP of this footwear is that artisans entirely handcraft it. Visit the website and check out the varied collections.



This winter, welcome the cold breeze and enjoy dropping temperatures. There is no more need to keep yourself shut inside the house's four walls. Instead, adorn corduroy footwear and celebrate winter with style.


FAQs of Corduroy Shoes

  • How long does Corduroy last?
    • A corduroy is the most durable fabric that is long-lasting and easy to maintain.
  • Is Corduroy easy to clean?
    • Yes. The outer fabric of corduroy is made of cotton, which is easy to wash, whereas the inner material needs to be maintained to ensure no damage. 
  • Are Corduroy shoes durable?
    • Yes, they are durable.
  • What kind of style is corduroy?
    • Corduroy is a casual fabric that aligns with khakis and jeans similarly.
  • Are Corduroy shoes washable?
    • Yes, corduroy shoes can be machine-washed when it gets wet.
  • What type of fabric is Corduroy?
    • Corduroy is made of a strong fabric of rounded rib or wale formed by cut pile yarn.



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