Twinning To Style! Best Footwear for Perfect Twinning with Your Partner

Who doesn't like to be the star of an event? Besides, if you are a couple, twins or best friends, twinning is the most favourite sport to try together. It is no doubt that Bollywood has set high standards and set the trend for couples as well as best friends to match patterns and colour-coordinate their outfits. However, it is not limited to outfits alone; people also colour coordinate their footwear which is the latest inspiration for couple goals.

This trend is not limited to couples alone; dressing your twins and kids in matching outfits and footwear is soon catching the trend. If you are looking for inspiration for wearing matching footwear, this is the perfect blog for you.


What does footwear twinning mean?

Twinning means matching your footwear with your close ones. It is a known trend in 2022 among partners, couples, best friends, and siblings. For example, couples match each other from outfits to wearing identical footwear during their wedding.


The different footwear twinning trends in 2022:

  • Mom & Child Twinning: Mom and son twinning or Mom and daughter twinning is a trend crazily catching around. Are you thinking of twinning with your son or daughter but do not want to match outfits? Well, another great option is matching footwear and coordinating casual looks.

mom and child twinning

  • Couple twinning: Matching outfits in identical patterns or colours in addition to footwear by couples during weddings, occasions, festivals or events are exceptionally alluring. Most couples also match their shoes to look perfect, a trend that may sound unusual but is slowly growing popular.
couple twinning
  • Sisters twinning: Are you soul sisters or best friends? What can be the best way other than wearing matching outfits? However, one can take the twinning style a notch higher by matching footwear.
sister twinning
  • Twins Twinning: Every parent likes to dress their kids, especially twins, with matching outfits. Getting the same footwear in similar patterns and different colours is a great way to distinguish between a girl and boy child or between two kids when twins.

twins twinning


    How to perfectly pair footwear with your partner?

    Twinning or pairing is a great way of showcasing love. It is quite easy to twin with your partner or to dress your twins similarly. Here are a few ways to get the footwear twinning style to perfection:

    • Choose footwear in the same color or pattern. For example, if you are wearing a brown flip-flop, you and your partner can twin the look by donning an identical flip-flop.
    • Complete the look by pairing with matching footwear in varied designs such as sandals and knitted footwear to make the appearance even more alluring.

      Best Twinning Footwears for Perfect Twinning from Paaduks

      Paaduks are one of the most preferred and popular vegan footwear brand in India. The USP of the brand is its environment-friendly make. The footwear is designed using up-cycled waste tyres which are 100% vegan. Additionally, all the shoes are handcrafted, which is unique and stylish. Paaduks have exclusive twinning footwear collections that are consciously designed for couples to twin their style.

      Are you interested in the trend of matching shoes with your beau, best friend, kids or better half? Discover some of the best twinning footwear ideas below:

      Sko Cork Sandals

      Sandals are casual as well as comfortable picks. Pair it with any dress, and it won't make you look out of place. Besides, it is a safe and sound option to match your partner and best friend for any event or a usual hangout.

      Sko Cork Women Sandal and Sko Men Brown Sandals

      Sko men brown

      Are you looking for something that is comfortable and also stylish? Sandals make a great option for casual hangouts as well as pairs for a walk on the beach.

      • It is ethnic and unique to look
      • It is made of faux leather with soft padding
      • The soles are made using upcycled rubber tyres 

      Corda & Cordy Summer Sandals: 

      Flip-flops are a must-pick if you are looking for something stylish and classic. The USP of flip-flops is its colour variations. Besides, they are incredibly comfortable to wear in addition to being flexible.


      Men Corda Braid Style Casual Sandals and Women Cordy Braid Pattern Summer Sandals


      corda cordy summer sandals

      Nothing can beat the comfort of wearing stylish flip-flop sandals. These are comfortable, stylish, fashionable, and sustainable too. With a unisex design, it is the best pick for twinning with your love.

      • These are handcrafted by artisans
      • These are made of upcycled tubes and rubbers
      • The 8mm cushioned insole is easy on the soles without causing any pain in walking
      • They are easy to wear and flexible 

      Dua and Dos Knitted Footwear:

      With the best combination of beautifully patterned braids and colours, knitted footwear is the best option to match your partner. Furthermore, considering the colourful designs that you can dress your twins.

      Mens Dos Black & Women Dua - Black Braid Patterned Summer Slide-in


      Men Dos Black - Summer Slide-in Casual Flats


      A perfect twinning pair for men and women. Designed in a braided pattern, these are the to-go footwear for everyday use.


      • It has an 8mm cushioned insole that provides complete comfort
      • Its straps and bottom insole are made of faux leather
      • These are handcrafted by artisans giving them a unique look

      Discover more stylish and comfortable matches from the SKOs twinning collections from Paaduks.



      Shoes are an integral part of our entire appearance. It is no doubt that it completes one's look. Besides, we all love to showcase our love by pairing matching outfits. It also falls true for footwear in similar patterns and colours. That makes twinning an excellent way to reflect your bond by pairing matching footwear with the outfits.



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