Best Ways To Prevent Rain Damage Of Vegan Footwear!

Monsoon brings relief after the extreme days of heat. Besides, it is also the time to plan for alluring treks up the mountains or going on a long drive. That makes having the best footwear critical to turn every rainy day into a peaceful and fun journey.

Vegan footwear is all in style and trend across seasons. Additionally, vegan is your best pick if you support a kinder alternative for leather. But knowing everything about Vegan footwear is essential. So if you are all set to enjoy the monsoon, here are tips to protect and prevent your vegan shoe from damage. 

Why are vegan footwear special?

Vegan is a lifestyle that follows the objective of avoiding any cruelty toward animals. Similarly, vegan products are made of materials derived from non-animal materials, making vegan footwear completely animal friendly. The footwear comprises plant extracts such as rubber, bamboo, etc., and upcycled waste tyres.

Can we use vegan footwear in the monsoon?

Vegan leathers are made of PU and PVC material in addition to upcycled waste tyres and cork. It prevents the fabric from any damage without ruining its look. The footwear are specially designed to withstand rains and harsh weather conditions. Additionally, vegan sandals are waterproof and anti-skid, which supports even during heavy rains without spoiling your enjoyment and fun during monsoon. 

What are the different types of monsoon footwear?

Rains are delightful. Everything about monsoon is alluring, whether the enticing climate, greenery or the symphonic music of raindrops. Yet footwear is one non-fun part of the season. We all had at least one pair of footwear that we had to sacrifice as the material was incompatible with the season.

To make it easier, we bring the best monsoon footwear to add to your shoe collections this season. Pick your favorites below:

Vegan Flip-Flops – Savior for all seasons

Kisa Cork Regular Width Flip-Flop

Vegan flip-Flops are footwear that every individual will have in their collections. It is easy to wear and provides the best fit. Besides, they are water resistant and won't damage irrespective of how submerged your flats are inside rainwater. Paaduks monsoon footwear collection includes a range of vegan footwear, including flip-flops, sandals and knitted flats that are highly functional on rainy days. Made of upcycled waste tyres with 8mm insoles, they are the perfect combination of class and sustainability.


  • It is made of upcycled waste tyres, rubbers or PVC that are entirely vegan
  • It dries quickly
  • It is anti-skid and good fitting, saving you from embarrassing yourself from falling flat on the earth.
  • It is best suited for casual slippers for all occasions in the monsoon.

Vegan Sandals – Style that won't hinder the fun

Sko Cork - Comfortable Casual Sandal for Women

Vegan sandals are always in style. And sandals are best suited for rain. They are stylish, water resistant, warm and also easy to clean. Besides, you can go all day long with sandals paired with pastels and knitted clothing to add the oomph factor.


  • They are glamours and sustain water
  • Can perk up your style irrespective of what you pair it with
  • They are anti-slip and keep your feet warm for long hours

Vegan Sliders - Groove in Style

Wai Women - Cork Regular Width Slider

Here is good news for all footwear lovers. Vegan sliders are not limited to kids or teenagers. These translucent shoes in elaborate colours are comfortable and best chums in water puddles. Without compromising on fashion, these classic designs never let the fun go away in the rain.


  • Pair them with dungarees, and it will give you a déjà vu trip
  • They dry quickly and are super absorbent with water
  • No matter what you pair it with, they are never out of style

How do you take care of vegan footwear in the Monsoon?

Vegan footwear is highly durable if you give good care and maintenance. However, caring for vegan footwear differs from leather. So here is a quick run for vegan shoes:

  • Keep rotating your pair of vegan shoes allowing them to get dried
  • Refrain from applying direct heat on the shoes
  • Store them in an airy place free of moisture
  • Make use of waterproof spray
  • Ensure to save your pair of footwear from getting stained

What to do when vegan footwear gets wet?

If you accidentally stepped into a puddle or your vegan footwear got wet, then keep it aside to dry. Blow slight heat on from far, ensuring it does not damage its surface.

Check out the tips to treat wet footwear:


  • Use a dry towel to remove the excess of water from the footwear
  • Stuff the footwear inside a newspaper to remove moisture and prevent it from seeping further inside
  • Store the footwear in a dry place where it can get dried in room temperature


  • Refrain from using hair dryer or applying to much of heat on leather
  • Do not place it near an air conditioner or fireplace
  • Do not keep the show outside as it can make it more dirty

How to clean vegan footwear?

Dirt can be of two types - dry and wet. Each requires a different approach to cleaning. Clean your vegan shoes as below:

Dry Dirt

Wipe away smudges: Cleaning a soiled shoe can be pretty challenging. If the dirt is dry, wipe it using wet wipes or a slightly dampened cloth to rub away the dirt.

Wet Dirt

Stubborn stains: If the colours on your vegan footwear are still wet, use a paper towel to pat dry it. Another quick idea is to cover the area with salt to absorb it.

  • For instance, use a soft brush on the stained area if the stain is still not cleaned.
  • Dampen a micro-fibre cloth with lukewarm water and rub it gently without applying force
  • Ensure to completely air dry the footwear before wearing it


  • Use waterproof paint spray on the stained area
  • Avoid using spirit-based type to prevent damage
  • Use a damp cloth and scrub the stained area in a small and circular motion
  • Avoid stripping color from the top layer to remove the stain

Why Paaduks waterproof vegan footwear is the best choice for monsoon?

Paaduks waterproof vegan footwear are your perfect friend to don in the monsoon. These are rainwater friendly with the ability to withstand varying weather conditions.

Yet what sets Paaduks vegan shoes is its make, developed from upcycled waste tyres. Besides, the rubber sole earns it a brownie point for comfort and an anti-skid feature. Moreover, the shoes are water-friendly and stylish, and flexible, saving you from fall to enjoy the delightful rainfall.


Vegan shoes are free from animal cruelty and earth-friendly. It is essential to maintain footwear from damage, scuffs and stains. Knowing everything about your vegan show will ensure minimum damage to your shoes and make them last forever.

Paaduks are renowned for offering sustainable vegan footwear made of upcycled waste tyres. These are 100% handcrafted and available in multiple designs. Visit the website today to buy the best vegan footwear.



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