How To Choose Footwear According To Season: A Complete Guide

In today’s time, footwear has become a necessity for every human being. We’re so used to wearing different types of footwear for different purposes. Our closet consists of a variety of designs catering to various occasions, activities and seasons. The footwear industry itself focuses on shoes that are durable and long-lasting. The prime agenda of wearing shoes goes beyond just protecting the feet. People now buy shoes that are stylish, comfortable and are all-season stunners. Footwear that can weather the test of time and goes pretty well with every season is necessary.   

Importance of Choosing Footwear According to Season

From scorching summers to cold winters to heavy downpours, every season comes with its own uniqueness. With changing seasons, changing footwear is nothing new. Diverse climatic conditions demand various footwear choices. Summers are generally hot, and our feet require open-ended and breathable shoes. Boots and shoes with heavy soles that hug our feet are perfect for snowy winters. Monsoon season with light drizzles to heavy rainfall needs shoes that work well with water and keep our feet safe.

It is crucial to select the proper footwear according to changing seasons and weather conditions. This will not only help in protecting the feet but will also make our outdoor activities and work easy. Good footwear choices can take us to good places. 

The Best Footwears for Different Seasons!

Knowing what the best options of footwears are available in the market will be helpful to choose footwears according to the different seasons. Paaduks have the best collection of vegan footwear, where you can choose the perfect one according to any season. 

  • Sliders and Flip Flops : Wearing shoes or sneakers in hot weather isn’t always enticing. That’s when sliders and flip flops come in handy. While going out and doing all the outdoor activities, they keep our feet sweat-free. They also air out naturally so one need not worry about their shoes smelling or feet stinking. The summer season generally results in body sweating. This sweat can be really harmful to the feet and can result in bacteria-causing infection. Paaduks’ vegan flip flops, and vegan sliders are perfect choice for summer season and for all outdoor vacation activities, etc.  They help the feet breathe and stay fresh. 
  • Vegan Sandals : Sandals are an easy and convenient footwear choice when it comes to the Monsoon or Rainy Season. They work well with water and are perfect for roads filled with rainwater. They dry off quickly and do not leave the feet feeling wet. When going for a walk near the seaside or on the beach, sandals handle water effortlessly. Paaduks vegan sandals on the monsoon special footwear collections are no joke and are 100% waterproof, so it is a right choice for Rainy Seasons.
  • Vegan Suede Shoes : Our daily sandals or slippers might not suitable for winter season, they don’t protect you as much. When we’re going for long winter walks, are especially affects our feet badly.  Vegan Suede Shoes are perfect for Winter. Do you know why Vegan Suede Shoes are perfect for Winter? This soft and durable vegan suede material is  favorite of designers globally for its distinguished appearance and luxurious feel. When it comes to choosing best shoes for winter, that will go on and on, suede is your best friend for winter. Paaduks suede footwear collection for men and women is a unique blend of sustainability and style which caters to your vegan and comfort needs.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Footwear Online

  • Choose according to Season : Picking the right footwear according to season will ensure your feet are comfortable and your footwear durability. Vegan sandals are the perfect choice for long warm days, as well as finding comfortable footwear according to season can be a matter of buying footwear online or from a store.
  • Type : The first consideration to make should be the type of shoes you wish to buy. If you are aware of the function your shoes cater to then that can help you narrow down your options. Wearing the correct type of shoes will not only make you look good but feel comfortable as well.
  • Quality : The quality of shoes plays an important role and matters a lot when buying footwear online. Shoes that are heavy on quality and easy on the pocket will be an apt choice. Check every aspect of the shoes including sole and material, to determine the quality.
  • Size : The right shoes can take you to the right places. Shoes that are neither too tight nor too loose can help you walk comfortably and reduce pressure. They can also prevent foot injuries and pain.
  • Price : Make sure that you don’t go out of your budget to have a pair of lux! Stick to your budget and try finding footwear that has all the characteristics and comfort.
  • Design : Footwear nowadays is designed according to the latest trend and comes in a lot of varieties. Opt for the ones that can go with different occasions and be paired with various outfits. Color, weight, and shape are some factors you will need to consider when it comes to design.


Styling your wardrobe with various shoes according to multiple seasons will prove to be a blessing whenever you head out of your house. Putting an end to your seasonal footwear concerns, Paaduks shoes are real game-changers. So, if you’re looking for something fashionable without compromising on comfort or sustainability, then Paaduks is for you. Buy vegan footwears online for men and women from Paaduks.



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