How to Choose Work Appropriate Sandals for Modern Women?

Are you wondering if sandals are appropriate footwear for work? Every workplace has its set coded, including the outfits and footwear people can wear. Sandals make the perfect all-weather footwear that can be worn to the office. Basically, with office dress code rules being flexible almost everywhere, many workplaces do allow wearing sandals to the office.

Yet not all sandals suit to be worn to work. If you are wondering which are the best office sandals for women and how to style them with your work outfits, then you are at the right place. This article provides a complete guide related to work-appropriate vegan sandals for women and styling tips.


What kind of sandals is work appropriate?

There is a range of women's footwear that is workplace appropriate. These include woman sandals in different varieties, including closed-toe sandals, slide-ins and sandals with toe adornment, Mule Sandals. However, flip-flops are not recommended to be worn to offices. Instead, opting for sandals adorned at the toe makes a perfect pick for corporates and regular workplaces.


How to Style Sandals for Work?

Every profession has a specific dress code. For example, working in the corporate world demands formal attire paired with proper footwear. So sandals make a perfect pick, especially during summer, allowing the feet to breathe in the open air. Yet it can be quite a task to shop for women's sandals which do not look out of place.

Moreover, sandals align with any outfit, whether you wish to go casual or choose formal attire. While sandals may not always be work-appropriate, they can still do complete justice to your office wear.


There are two aspects to look for when styling sandals for work

  1. The season
  2. Workplace culture.

Sandals are the most preferred footwear during summer. It helps keep your feet airy and free from the menace of sweating. 

Wearing sandals must align with the company culture without making you look out of place or blingy. Reading through the company handbook is a great way to get a good insight into appropriate footwear recommended.


What to wear with sandals to work?

Here are a few tips to style your favorite sandals for work:

  • Combine a white T-shirt with wide-leg pants and pastel-colored sandals.
  • Pair Indo western Kurtis with an open-toe sandal in regular colors.
  • Add a style quotient by pairing elegant knitted sandals with Kurtis for any traditional occasions at work.
  • Ace the corporate look by combining formal pants, a loose-fitting shirt, and pastel sandals for a casual day or hang out with friends.


Secrets to Style Office Dress With Trending Women's Sandals

  • Ensure your feet are sandal ready. Indulge in a quick pedicure session before wearing a sandal for work.
  • Pair strappy sandals with a wide-leg pantsuit to perfectly beat the heat of summer.
  • Pastel-colored closed-toe sandals create the perfect impression of looking classy and chic in the work environment.
  • Pair your white business t-shirts and wide-leg pants with strapped or closed-toe sandals to make the look stylish and smart.


What Should You Do About Workplace Dress Codes?

Before deciding the type of footwear appropriate for your workplace, it is necessary to know the kind of job you are into. For example, do you work in a corporate environment with a strict dress code or a profession requiring more walking and standing? If it is more of a casual setting, then wearing different styles of women's sandals is not a task.


Things to keep in mind before wearing sandals to the workplace:

  • Check the workplace manual and read about the dress code
  • Ensure the sandals are comfortable to wear
  • Opt for sober colors like pastels or the work-friendly black and brown
  • Colours like Beige and shades of brown suit workplace codes
  • Avoid wearing sandals that are blingy or have too much color which looks out of place
  • Wear comfortable footwear which makes it easy to walk around
  • Avoid sandals made of fur, plastic, or foam that are more suitable for beach walks
  • Avoid wearing sandals in gaudy colors or neon or with an embellishments
  • Choose a sandal that has well-cushioned padding giving comfort to the feet


Most Work-Appropriate Vegan Sandals for Women

Paaduks Work Sandals for Women

Paaduks is a renowned vegan footwear brand known for its vegan sandals for women that does perfect justice to workplace ethics. These include a range of casual sandals, flats and strappy sandals designed using upcycled waste rubber tyres by expert artisans. Explore the 100% handmade vegan sandals for working women.


Saar Brown Versatile Casual Sandals for Women

Saar Brown Versatile Casual Sandal

Saar brown casual sandals are completely vegan and designed in a sustainable way. It is designed using upcycled rubber tyres. Additionally, the 8mm insole bed renders a cushioning effect to walk with comfort.


  • It includes beautiful ankle straps made of soft suede material
  • It consists of adjustable buckles and lightweight steel studs
  • It comprises of 8mm cushioning insole
  • It is flexible and handcrafted by artisans


Ana Black Versatile Casual Sandal for Women

Ana Black Versatile Casual Sandal for Women

Ana black casual sandals are made of suede material that is soft in texture and comfortable to wear. Its 8mm insole provides a cushion-like feel to the balls of the feet and a closed-toe pattern.


  • It is handcrafted by artisans using upcycled waste tyres
  • It includes adjustable buckles and lightweight steel studs
  • It has a soft texture and is flexible on the feet
  • It consists of 8mm comfortable insoles


Bero Brown Casual Sandals for Women


Bero Brown

Bero brown sandals for women are the perfect pick for all those who are looking for style and comfort. Its enchanting pattern and vegan designs are not only comfortable to wear but also pleasing to look at.


  • It’s sole are made of upcycled rubber tyres
  • It is completely vegan and free of animal cruelty
  • It is packaged in a sustainable manner
  • It is handcrafted by artisans


Sade Cork Regular Sandals


Sade Cork Sandals

The sade cork range is designed by considering the need for lightweight footwear that is comfortable and sleek. It is an ideal choice rainy days and for all those who like to keep it light on their feet.


  • It is handmade using 100% vegan materials
  • It is not harmful to the feet
  • It includes a natural cork insole
  • It is flexible and its straps are made of soft tyre tube



Comfort and style may not always align, especially in the work environment. However, choosing the correct pair of footwear can notch up your style game. Sandals are the comfort pick as they allow your toes to breathe and save you from the hassle of sweaty feet. Pairing the perfect office-appropriate sandals like peek-a-toe, closed toe or strappy sandals is an ideal alternative to don with office attires and casuals.



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