Our story – from inception to one of the best-loved vegan footwear brands in India

At Paaduks, we make 100% sustainable, vegan, and eco-friendly footwear using up-cycled materials. We are committed to providing ethical and sustainable footwear, offering comfort and style.

Yes, we make vegan footwear.  By vegan wear, we mean items caused without animal products or by-products such as leather, fur, wool, suede, silk, etc. or any animal-based form of raw material that goes behind the shoemaking process. We do not use traditional methods while making our sustainable shoes. All our footwear is handcrafted!

Vegan footwear also leaves a smaller carbon footprint than the traditional leather ones. It is better for the environment and easier to make. Consequently, making it worth the price. We at Paaduks are staunch environmentalists. We believe that nothing is more important than doing our bit and taking a step towards a cleaner and greener future.

We at Paaduks have come up with various ways to use different materials to make comfortable, affordable, and trendy eco-friendly flip flops, lace ups, and slip-on. Our up-cork collection makes use of corks and has tyre soles. Our shoes are vegan, upcycled and eco-friendly. We make sure all our raw materials are cruelty-free, sustainable, and eco-friendly. Moreover, getting your hands on our sustainable handcrafted footwear and going green is a lot more affordable than you may think!

We are the pioneers in handcrafted footwear made by up-cycling and recycling discarded tyres and corks. We use these as our primary materials for making the soles of our shoes. Paaduks, derives their name from the traditional Sanskrit word for footwear. At Paaduks, we aim to follow sustainable practices through the principles of eco-conscious consumption coupled with the desire to be unique and comfortable. With our eco-friendly footwear, we encourage people to look and feel good with every step, with a conscious choice of ethical fashion. Thus, Paaduks strives to achieve its vision to make shoes for better eco-conscious living.

All our products are handcrafted and made with utmost love and accuracy by shoemakers who have a lot of experience. Their precision, accuracy and detailing make sure our footwear has a long shelf life and can handle wear and tear. Our Kaarigars are hardworking, experienced cobblers who have lost their livelihood due to the use and throw culture that has stemmed from fast fashion. With every vegan footwear you buy, you support not only the environment but also our talented kaarigars. 

The wait for the perfect eco-conscious footwear brand is officially over! Don’t believe us? Check out our collection now. We bet you would be placing your next order with us very soon! 😊



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