Paaduks X Hard Rocks: What Happens When Two Creative Brands Come Together?

Are you someone who loves products that are vegan and free of animal cruelty such as sustainable footwear and accessories? Are you looking for some entertainment while in Goa? Then you are at the right place and Paaduks and Hard Rock Shop collaboration is something you should await. Read below to know more.


When innovation meets creativity! 

Creativity and innovation go hand-in-hand. And when two creative energies come together, it is sure to bring something unique and extensive. Something similar is expected with the coming together of Paaduks and Hard Rock Shop. The vegan footwear and souvenir and collection shop part of Hard Rock Hotels, who are all set to collaborate with the vegan leather brand exhibiting their products at hard rock hotel goa.


What is Paaduks?

Paaduks is a forerunner in creativity in designing eco-friendly shoes. With almost a decade of experience, they have expertise in innovating fashionable and sustainable footwear that is completely vegan. The footwear designs range from flip-flops, flats, sandals,vegan suede mules and knitted footwear. In addition, they are the first company to produce vegan sandals with a 20mm block heel and 8mm insole that is comfortable for the balls of the feet.


USPs of Paaduks

  • They are pioneers in hand-crafted sustainable shoes
  • They design vegan footwear made of upcycled and recycled discarded corks and tyres
  • They are designed using an eco-conscious manner that is unique and sustainable  


What is a Hard Rock Shop?

Hard Rock is a popular chain of hotels who are rooted in exploring the spirit of music. On the other hand, the Hard Rock Shop brand in Goa is part of the chain of hotels who are known to drive creativity and associate with brands that are involved in innovation. The offline and online shop exhibits a diverse range of accessories, clothing, eco-friendly products, and souvenirs.


What makes Hard Rock Shop so unique?

  • They appreciate talents and provide them with a platform
  • They are an exclusive store of the Hard Rock hotels
  • They exhibit and provide a range of assortments including accessories, costumes, footwear, etc. which are unique and designed differently
  • They collaborate with various brands to promote brands that are unique and different


Why Paaduks Collaborate with Hard Rock Shop Brand?

The brands Paaduks and Hard Rock Shop are pioneers of innovation and creativity. Furthermore, Paaduks are manufacturers of vegan footwear that are designed sustainably. The collaboration is a bonanza for all creative lovers who enjoy rock music and believe in sustainability.


What makes Paaduks and Rock Shop a Great Collaboration?

Paaduks and Hard Rock are two titans when it comes to creativity. The coming together of Paaduks, a vegan footwear brand, along with Hard Rock Brand in Goa, an epitome of exploring raw music and energy, makes it an extravagant collaboration.

The vegan footwear brand is all set to combine the raw creativity of designer  and innovative footwear made of upcycled materials like waste tyres with the aesthetic touch of energetic music. The rock shop is a great platform to reach out to people with similar tastes and love for vegan footwear makes this collaboration a great treat to look forward to.



If you are someone who loves products that are vegan and sustainable footwear and accessories, are currently in Goa, and looking for a rocking night, Hard Rock Shop is the right place for you! Find Paaduks footwear and accessories which are free of animal cruelty and is 100% upcycled. 



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