Sustainable is stylish

We make a strong case for sustainable fashion and why it’s cool

Sustainable fashion is the future. It may sound like a sweeping, loaded statement, but given that the fashion industry is considered the second largest pollutant (right after oil), sustainability holds the key to a lot of problems wrecking the fashion landscape. The sheer quantity of resources the industry uses up and the terrifying amount of waste it generates year after year should be reason enough to make the switch. 

The industry as well as consumers are, however, hardwired into thinking that popular brands are better and easier on the wallet. Most of us don’t think about the long-term consequences of our shopping binges, but it’s time we took a closer look at what we stand for and how our actions have a direct impact on livelihoods and the health of our planet. 

Sustainable fashion doesn’t necessarily mean drab, boring clothes and worn-out shoes. Here’s why sustainable is chic.

  • It’s natural

Natural materials, soft cotton, natural dyes, easy silhouettes, and utmost comfort – sustainable fashion embodies all that and more. Unlike harsh chemicals and toxic substances that go into making fast fashion products, sustainable brands stick to nature-inspired processes that are free from harmful allergens. Your skin (and the planet) will thank you for wearing them.

  • It’s built to last

Most sustainable brands focus on products that are of superior quality; the processes are driven by skilled people who know their craft, so the end-product is durable, and can potentially last several years if it’s well taken care of. Case in point: vegan shoes made of cork and up-cycled tyres are far more durable than regular shoes. Isn’t it a brilliant idea to invest in a good quality product rather than pick up a cheaper item that’s going to be in shreds within months? Isn’t that what true style is all about?

  • It lets you create your own style

Sustainable fashion is timeless. It’s not dictated by trends and it lets you create your own personal style statement based on your unique personality. You don’t need magazines and ads to tell you what’s hot this season because once you’ve embraced sustainable fashion, you don’t care for trends. Slow fashion pushes boundaries and opens you up to a world of possibilities. Like upcycling, recycling, swapping clothes, buying second-hand and re-using. They are all cool ideas that can amp up your style quotient, while saving the environment and creating a mindful community of consumers. 

  • It treats people well

How do you feel about your branded shoes being put together by workers in sweatshops under inhuman conditions and measly wages? Most mass-produced products are churned out this way, so their products are made in record time and the overheads are low. Sustainable fashion, on the other hand, is also about respect, dignity and fair pay. Which is why the final product is priced higher than that of a fast fashion brand. 

  • It’s good for the planet

Caring for the planet is cool. It shows you’re a conscientious buyer and that you are concerned about landfills, pollution, waste, fair wages and inclusivity, among others. Those are some of the very issues that sustainable fashion seeks to address, so be part of the solution.



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