Tips To Choose The Best Footwear For Monsoon!

The monsoon season is just around the corner, and it’s time for you to slip into a pair of waterproof shoes. The mantra for perfect monsoon footwear is that it should be ‘easy to wear and easy to dry.’ Waterproof footwear makes going out comfortable in the monsoon season. This is why picking the right pair becomes a key criterion during the rainy season. 

Some of the best footwear options for monsoon season include flip flops and sandals — which define comfort and are also lightweight and breathable at the same time. They dry off quickly and hence work well with water. So to help you make the right footwear choices for monsoon, here are some of our favorites that will surely help you.


Choose the Best Footwear for Monsoon:

Easy Flip-Flops 

Flip flops made of rubber and plastic are sleek, waterproof, and repel water. This keeps your feet dry and makes them one of the best options during the monsoon season. In monsoons, make sure you go for water-friendly flip flops that can work well with water and improve traction. Also, say no to closed shoes as they take a lot of time to dry and may harbour germs and bacteria around the feet.

Rubber-Soled Sandals made with Cork in-sole

Rubber-soled sandals are perfect when one does not want damp and dripping shoes in the monsoon. These sandals are designed according to the monsoon and are water-friendly. They come in various wave-inspired outsole designed sandals that are the best footwear for monsoon adventure. Sandals offer maximum breathability and the adjustable straps offer quick on and off. A good pair of sandals with rubber soles will give you a nice and firm grip while walking on the roads in rain. 

Comfortable Vegan Sandals

Vegan sandals are another alternative for the monsoon season, which bridge sustainability and style together. These sandals are made using a sustainable approach and are durable enough to withstand heavy downpours. They also have odor-resistant properties which prevent bad odor due to rainwater.

Not only do vegan sandals offer comfort in style but their appearance and feel are also commendable. The smooth texture and premium feel are something that the customers love. They can be worn during any season and are a must-have for your wardrobe.

Waterproof Sliders with Good Support

Sliders ensure a firm grip in mud and running water. They are an ideal choice when you walk on different kinds of terrain. They are also easily accessible and multifunctional. Moreover, Paaduks sliders do not make any flapping or squeaky sounds while walking and are comfortable to use.

Things To Remember While Selecting Monsoon Footwear

  • Go for lighter shades instead of darker ones. Adding a pop of color to your style during the monsoon season is something you won’t regret.
  • Opt for shoes that work well with water and have water resistance. This will keep your feet comfortable and happy.
  • Open-ended footwear is the best option during rainy days as it dries off quickly and easily and does not leave your feet feeling wet.
  • Flip flops and sandals with good soles with grooves will provide maximum support to your feet while walking on wet surfaces. They protect your feet from twisting and do not allow you to slip.
  • Sandals with straps aid in walking and give maximum comfort and support to your ankle. The straps hold the shoe in place and ensure they don’t slip off.
  • Avoid wearing heels or sneakers while going out in the rain, as they will hold water and make it difficult for your feet to dry.
  • A pair of waterproof boots or waterproof sandals are also ideal for the season due to their versatility and water-resistant properties.

Step forward in style with Paaduks Monsoon Footwear Collections

Paaduks monsoon footwear collections are designed for the rainy season when you might have to cross a few puddles here and there on the road but still want your sandals to be at their shiny best. At Paaduks, we have taken special care to ensure that every material used in manufacturing, including the glue, is waterproof and remains sturdy even when running past splashy monsoon roads.

Paaduks monsoon footwear is designed to handle water and does not ruin when subjected to rainwater splashes. Our waterproof sandals are built to last and are durable enough to withstand adverse weather conditions. Moreover, their anti-skid property makes them different, which provides enough support even in heavy water flow situations.


Why is Paaduks Monsoon Footwear comfortable for the rainy season?

Our monsoon footwear collection is 100% waterproof and vegan. It is entirely made from upcycled materials like rubber, and cork. This might be hard to believe, but our artisans have handcrafted these sandals to perfection, making them durable and long-lasting to withstand heavy downpours.

Paaduks monsoon footwear for men and women is designed to provide extra grip so that your legs do not slip while walking on wet surfaces. The rubber soles prevent and control excess flapping sound while walking. Our craftsmen have cut out intricate details on the sole, ensuring that every step you take is firm and comfortable. 


Paaduks Best Monsoon Footwear Collections:

  • Sko CorkEqual parts comfort and fashion, Sko vegan casual sandals are designed especially for the monsoon season. The straps are made from flexible and soft rubber which provides a firm grip while walking. They will also not hold or absorb water and will not sponge up, giving you immense comfort. 

monsoon sandals for men

  • KisaThe monsoon season is all about water-filled puddles and splashes. Kisa, cork regular width vegan flip flops come in handy when stepping out in the rain. Due to their open structure, they hardly take time to dry, so you don’t have to worry about stepping into a puddle. In addition, they are sleek and waterproof, making them an ideal choice for this season.

women's monsoon flip flops

  • Wai  : Wai is a vegan slider footwear that is easy to wear, lightweight, and keeps your feet clean. They also add a statement to your style without any effort. They are versatile and multipurpose as they are not only easy to wash and comfortable but are also light and durable.

Men's monsoon sandals

  • RoobWhat’s more fashionable than Roob strappy monsoon flip flops? Water-resistant and designed perfectly for the rainy season, Roob is an essential item for your closet. They offer maximum breathability and the adjustable straps offer quick on and off.

monsoon flip flops for men


So ace up your look with these best monsoon footwear collections from Paaduks. All our monsoon footwear has rubber soles with anti-skid properties which do not allow you to slip. Perfectly shaped and knitted from every corner, our biodegradable footwear is made of high-quality materials and is sustainable. Paaduks ensures you an affordable vegan fashion, and we send you love in our eco-friendly packaging. Everything from the styling to the color is a mark of premium quality.



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