4 Unique Styling Ideas to Pair with Men's Flip Flops

Your footwear volumes a lot about your personality. Apart from adding a unique touch to your appearance, shoes also determine your comfort level and how relaxed you feel wearing them. There are plenty of aspects that need to be considered when choosing a favourite pair of shoes.

When it comes to men's footwear, these can be something very hard to style. Yet men's flip-flops offer the feet a breather and look elegant with different outfits.

If you are looking for different ideas to style men's flip-flops, then do not forget to read the entire article till the end:


Benefits of using flip flops:

  • Flip-flops are never out of style. It is easy to slip in and walk and can be worn anywhere at any time.
  • It can be worn with any traditional outfit such as dhoti pants or pyjama
  • It is easy to wear without effort
  • It offers a modern-casual look
  • If you are wearing slim-fit jeans, flip-flops are easygoing footwear
  • It provides a breather to your toes
  • It is stylish and comfortable to wear
  • They are lightweight and a versatile footwear
  • They are best suited as ideal footwear for summer and monsoon


4 Unique Styling Ideas to Pair your Dress with Men’s Flip-Flops

Check out the different ways of styling men's flip-flops with different outfits:


Traditional Wear

Flip flops or slippers are best suited to pair with Indian outfits. Whether it is pyjamas, indo-western outfits or dhoti pants, they will never fail to impress the onlookers. Additionally, they offer the perfect elegance to your appearance.

 Traditional Wear with Flip flops

Casual Trousers

Are you looking for a stylish look yet want to wear something lightweight? Flip-flops are your ideal pick to pair with t-shirts and a trouser. A simple black flip-flop made of vegan leather is a beautiful choice to wear when going on a trip with family or friends.

 Casual Trousers with Flip Flops

Short length suits

Compared to formal suits, short suits have turned into popular attire over the years; these suit all seasons, like summer. However, flip-flops will undoubtedly create a great impression if you are looking for a comfortable shoe to pair from the casual footwear collection.

 Short length suits with Flip flops

With shorts

Flip-Flops are the best to slip in for matching with short denim and a casual shirt. It is stylish and gives you a dapper and uber look. Create an ultimate look for your holidays by adorning high-quality men's flip-flops to enjoy your vacation in comfort and fun.


The Dos And Don'ts Of Wearing Flip Flops

So are there any rules when it comes to donning flip-flops? Well, that greatly depends upon how and what you wear. Below, we provide the basic dos and don'ts to follow to carry the flip-flop etiquette.



  • Before purchasing a flip flop gently bend it from the end to ensure it is flexible at the foot
  • Do check that the flip-flop fully covers your foot and that it does not hang off on the edge
  • Always opt for a sturdy pair which is comfortable when walking near a swimming pool, hotel room or locker room as well as prevents you from infections
  • Opt for footwear made of vegan leather. It eliminates the potential for irritations or blisters



  • Avoid reusing your flip-flops, which are worn off
  • Inspect the old pairs and purchase a new one if it is badly torn
  • It is not recommended for walking longer distances as it may not absorb shock and provide arch support
  • Avoid working in the yard wearing flip flops
  • It is not recommended to be worn for sports
  • It is not ideal for extremely casual occasions
  • Not recommended for wearing on dinner dates and business meetings


Top Picks of Men's Vegan Flip Flops from Paaduks

Paaduks is a vegan footwear brand in India famous for its excellent range of vegan flip-flop collections. These are made of upcycled waste tyres and handcrafted by artisans in a unique style. Leave the perfect impression by donning the ideal flip-flop collections. Check out the best collection of men’s vegan flip-flops to up the game of fashion and comfort.


Eso Men Cork Regular Width Flip Flops

Eso Men's Flip Flops

Are you looking for something stylish yet simple? Then Eso Men Cork Regular flip-flops are the ideal choice which promises comfort, sustainability and fashion.


Distinct Features:

  • It is stylish and fashionable
  • It is completely waterproof with a natural cork insole.
  • It is designed by cobblers and handcrafted using upcycled rubber tubes and tyres.
  • It can be paired with an outfit when you require a casual walk or comfortable footwear during vacations.


Radial Green Versatile Casual Flip Flop

Radial Green Casual Flip Flop

Stunning and comfortable Thor flip-flop pair for men designed in enchanting green. These flip-flops are entirely vegan, with a comfortable insole that is not hard on your feet.


Distinct features:

  • It is made of upcycled waste rubber tyres
  • The 8mm insole is easy on foot 
  • The straps are made of soft tube tyres
  • It is waterproof and suitable for the monsoon season
  • It is flexible and fashionable.


Men Avatar

Men avatar Flip flops

Men's Avatar is ideal flip-flop footwear that is entirely earth friendly. Its eco-conscious design is made of vegan materials such as faux leather, upcycled rubber tyres and handwoven straps. Besides, its elegant blue colour exudes the richness of quality and appearance of the wearer.


Distinct features:

  • It is cruelty-free
  • It provides a supportive soft lining
  • It is flexible on foot and sturdy


Pal Tan Black Casual Flip Flop for Men

Pal Tan Black Casual Flip Flop for Men

Paaduks remarkable collection of flip-flop footwear offers the perfect uber look combined with its unique ethnic touch. The contemporary colour and soft padding are comfortable for the feet, making it easy to walk, run and wear for a hangout.


Distinct features:

  • It includes soft padding providing comfort to feet
  • It is made of upcycled rubber tyres that are animal-cruelty free
  • It offers an ethnic touch to the modern design
  • Its straps are made of faux leather


Pal Dark Brown – Casual Men's Flip Flop

Pal Dark Brown – Casual Men's Flip Flop

Pal Dark Brown men's flip flop is the best casual footwear combined with ethnic and modern designs. Moreover, it is earth-friendly and made of vegan materials like fabrics and upcycled rubber tyres.


Distinct Features:

  • It consists of insole padding made of upcycled rubber tyres
  • It is made by expert artisans paying attention to every little detailing
  • Its soft padding is soft on the feet
  • It is guilt-free and provides an ethnic touch



Flip-flops can be as stylish as well as be worn as formal footwear. Knowing the correct knack to pair them with different outfits can turn the entire game. Besides, choosing the perfect quality vegan flip-flop for men can help you ace your fashion and create an everlasting impression.



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