What is 'insole' and Why are Thick Feet Insoles Important?

Is your shoe a little loose or too big for your feet? Are you unable to find footwear that perfectly fits your feet? Perhaps they may feel uncomfortable and cause slight pain if worn for a prolonged time. But before you think of discarding your shoe, why not just insert a good pair of insoles?

This article briefly discusses insoles and why you should opt for a thick insole.


What are insoles?

Insoles are an additional material used inside the shoes to provide extra comfort. In addition, an insole helps in providing additional fit and keeping the feet warm. These are also known as footbeds that fill the space between the feet and the inner part of the footwear.

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What are the benefits of using insoles?

Insoles added inside the shoe help in making the feet comfortable. There are plenty of uses which include:

Benefits of using insoles

  • They keep the feet warm: Insoles add an extra layer helping the feet feel insulated in colder weather.
  • They offer better fit: The standard sizes of shoes differ for different shops making it a task to find a perfect size. In addition, an insole helps to get a tighter fit if the shoe is slightly larger.
  • Better posture: Insoles are exceptionally beneficial for correcting posture-related issues. These are also known as orthotic insoles customized to provide arch support while walking, standing and running.
  • Prevents blisters: It is comforting to the feet and prevents any irritation or discomfort caused due to tight fitting.

What are footwear insoles made from?

  • Gel insoles: These are the best-fitting insoles, especially for footwear with huge heels. Gel insoles help in providing a better grip, prevent slip and are comforting to the balls of the feet.
  • Foam Insoles: It is one of the commonest forms of insoles that perfectly absorb shock and are rigid.
  • Cork insoles: Cork insoles are ideal for supporting arch support. These are most recommended for those who suffer from dry feet and provide orthopedic support.

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  • Tyre Insoles: A tyre insole is made of upcycled waste tyres and rubber, which is shock-absorbent and comforting to the balls of the feet.
  • Air-cushioned insoles: It includes pressurized air bubbles that helps increase the shelf life of the footwear.
  • Memory foam insoles: These are molded as per the shape of the foot that are comforting to the feet and provide ease while walking and running.

What are Vegan insoles?

Vegan insoles are made of materials that are not obtained from animal sources. For example, insoles made through upcycling are vegan in nature. 

Difference between Insoles and Inserts:



Insoles are padding that are inserted inside the shoe to provide fitting

Inserts are type of insoles called orthotics that are custom made as per the condition

It may or may not be medicinal in nature

It is prescribed by doctors to treat problems related to leg, foot and back


It is used to provide comfort and fitting

It is used specifically for treating issues like fallen arches

It is made of different materials like gel, memory foam, foam, etc.

It is made specifically of foam or plastic


How to choose the right insoles?

An ideal insole helps in prolonging the shelf life of the footwear. Thus, choosing the best-fitting insole is necessary to ensure it lasts longer and is in good condition.

  • Choose insoles designed for shoes with heels where it provides support and doesn't let your feet lose grip.
  • In case your feet burn or are extremely tight, an insole can help reduce the pressure on the metatarsal bones.
  • Choose an insole that is 1 to half inches smaller than your shoe size.

Can “Thick Feet Insoles” Help My Feet?

Yes. Thick insoles help feet by providing a cushioned feel. Thick insoles help protect the feet from pain and relieve the feet from any strain. In short, a thicker insole makes the shoe comfortable for feet without causing any discomfort when walking or running. On the contrary, the insole is not suited for flat feet and does not reduce the footwear's volume.


A few advantages of “thick insoles for feet” includes
  • It helps absorb shock on the balls of the feet
  • It prevents the feet from any pain
  • It is best suited for those who are looking for shock absorbing insole
  • It helps to reduce strain on your feet
  • It provides a cushion-like feel and increases the thickness of the sole
  • It is comforting to the feet and reduces strain on the balls of the feet during long hours of walking and standing.

How do I care for my insoles?

Insoles are ideal for resolving numerous issues that help maintain posture and comfort while walking and running. However, it is imperative to take proper care of the insoles to ensure it last longer without getting damaged.


Here are a few tips to ensure the insole is in good condition:
  • Always dry your insoles after use.
  • They can easily trap moisture inside and hence it is necessary to take them out often to prevent smell and damage.
  • Do not machine wash your insoles
  • Hand wash them using mild detergent, rinse and leave them to dry.
  • Dry them well before placing them inside the shoe.

Where do you find  Sustainable Insoles & Supportive Footwear?

Paaduks are one of the top vegan footwear brands for designing footwear using upcycling waste tyres and rubber. Paaduks footwear is an 8mm insole that is sufficiently thick to comfort the balls of your feet and relieve pain. They are ideally suited for walking long distances and have an insole that eases any strain on the feet.


Insoles are ideally suited for overcoming issues related to foot comfort and posture. Apart from providing comfort to the feet, it also helps prolong the shoe's life. Thus, if you are looking for comfortable footwear, then do not forget to insert a perfectly fitting insole that makes your walk comfortable.



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