7 Reasons Why Fashion Needs To Be More Sustainable?

Fashion plays an integral role in our day-to-day life. There is always something new happening in the fashion world every day. But amidst this, are we aware of its impact on the environment? There is a growing need to opt for sustainable fashion, especially in recent times.


Yet, sustainable fashion remains an oblivious word. If you, too, are overwhelmed by the information shared on the internet regarding sustainable fashion, then here we have simplified it for you.


This article discusses what makes sustainable fashion the need of the hour. Also, read about how to make sustainable fashion for the footwear industry on a budget.


Environment Impacts of Fashion

We are all aware of how the fashion industry plays a significant role in impacting the environment. Some of the key impacts include:


Carbon Emission


Carbon Emission

A significant amount of carbon is emitted into the environment while transporting clothing, textiles, raw materials and footwear products. Besides, the process and manufacturing of products also use energy that can result in carbon emissions.


Water Pollution


Water Pollution

The production of fashion products leads to water pollution from the materials used. For example, the dyes, chemicals and other pollutants used in manufacturing cause water pollution.


Chemical Use


Chemical Use

Production of footwear and clothing involves using chemicals like fertilizers, pesticides and bleaches that can harm human health and the environment.


Landfill Pollution


Landfill Pollution

Fast fashion encouraging users to purchase cheap and disposable fashion products can lead to a significant amount of waste being dumped in landfills.


Animal Cruelty


Animal Cruelty

Many fashion products like footwear and clothing make use of animal skin. It leads to the killing of animals. It not only leads to cruelty against animals but also adds to methane content in the environment.




Raw materials like cotton and other fibers used in the fashion industry can contribute to deforestation.

Considering the environmental and social harm the fashion industry poses, it is necessary to opt for a sustainable method. It will reduce environmental damage and help develop the fashion sector.


What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion is a lucrative step the fashion industry takes to reduce the environmental impact. It aims to create a system where clothing, footwear and accessories are produced, used and disposed of in a way that is socially responsible, economically viable and environmentally friendly.

Sustainable fashion addresses the growing issues in the fashion industry. These include economic, social and environmental impact. More importantly, the movement plays an integral role in reducing the use of non-renewable sources of energy and minimizing the use of chemicals and other resources. It is a multi-faceted ecosystem that implements different elements like materials, production, consumption and disposal to achieve an ecosystem that promotes the development of high-quality products.


Examples of Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion refers to producing and consuming products like footwear, clothing and accessories in a way that is environmentally friendly and socially responsible. Many companies are taking a sustainable approach in the fashion industry. These include:


Implementing sustainable materials

Many companies use materials that are more sustainable compared to conventional options. For example, rather than using cotton that requires the use of pesticides or water, companies can opt for organic cotton and other sustainable materials like hemp, bamboo, etc.


Recycling and Upcycling

Many companies use upcycling of waste materials to turn old products into new ones. It reduces waste and promotes circularity. Brands like Paaduks are leading this field by producing upcycle footwear using old waste rubber tyres to create new sustainable goods.


Maintain Transparency

Many companies now provide transparency about their production process and the materials used. As a result, they are allowing customers to make informed choices. For instance, a company like Paaduks uses vegan materials free of animal cruelty to make an informed decision.


Opt for Green Energy

Investing in environment-friendly resources such as renewable materials helps in reducing carbon footprint. Moreover, it makes it easier to take the initiative to become more sustainable and reduce the fashion industry's negative impact on the environment.


Why should Fashion be More Sustainable?

The fashion industry adds over 10% of greenhouse gases and 20% global wastewater. In addition, it uses more energy employing shipping and aviation sectors. Hence, it is the call of the hour to opt for environmentally friendly and less polluting sustainable fashion.

Here are few reasons why fashion must be sustainable:

  • Reduced load on natural resources
  • Free of animal cruelty
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint
  • Less Water Wastage
  • Supports Safe and Secured Working Conditions
  • Safe for Humans and the Planet
  • Teaches Innovation and how to use materials creatively

    How can Fashion be More Sustainable?

    Undoubtedly, the fashion industry contributes to the increasing wastage in the environment. The industry's future can be made more sustainable by opting for environmentally friendly and useful ways.


    Produce Less

    The fashion industry is responsible for growing wastage. This is because it produces too much, but when it cannot be sold, it leads to more wastage. A way to make fashion sustainable is by cutting down on the total production based on customer requirements.



    Reusing is the best way to make the fashion industry more sustainable. It reduces the need for deconstructing and recycling materials. In addition, repurposing and reusing old stock opens more room for experimentation and creates new products.



    Upcycling products is the best way to utilise innovative design skills and knowledge to create something new. It includes using the existing materials to upcycle into a new product, thereby enhancing its quality.


    Use Sustainable Packaging

    Opt for minimal packaging which includes designing the materials using safe and secured techniques. Utilize renewable energy or handcrafted technique to design.


    How footwear fashion can be more sustainable and save the planet?

    There are myriad ways in which the footwear industry can become more sustainable and reduce its growing impact on the environment.

    Some of the strategies include:


    • Using sustainable resources: Brands can use sustainable materials, such as waste tyres, rubber, fabrics, etc., to make shoes.
    • Promoting upcycling: Brands can encourage customers to opt for upcycled products that reduce the need for reducing the product leading to wastage in landfills. Instead, they can use the existing materials and upcycle them to create high-quality footwear.
    • Consider the durability of the footwear: Brands can design shoes with durability instead of disposability.

      For example, Paaduks employs a sustainable manufacturing process to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. The process includes:

      • Using upcycled tyres, waste rubbers and corks to develop high-quality footwear
      • Each material is animal-cruelty free.
      • All products are handcrafted by professional artisans and skilled cobblers
      • Maintains transparency about the sourcing practices, thus committing to sustainability
      • Follows sustainable packaging to reduce carbon footprints.

        Implementing these strategies has assisted Paaduks in making a mark as first-of-its-kind vegan  footwear and promoting environmental, social and economic stability.



        Sustainable fashion plays an essential role in shaping the fashion industry. Therefore, employing sustainable techniques can help in improving and reducing environmental harm. Herein, Paaduks is a pioneer brand working towards implementing sustainable fashion by using upcycled rubbers and waste tyres. Besides, the products are handcrafted by expert artisans that positively impact the fashion industry environmentally, economically and socially.

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