5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Sustainable Footwear!

Our planet is subjected to various harmful conditions such as global warming, pollution, deforestation, eutrophication, etc. This makes the future increasingly uncertain for the coming generations. Moreover, the use of plastics, polythenes, polycarbonates and other plastic materials has irreversible damage to the environment. Thus, the only option we are left with is to make more informed choices.

One of the major turning points is to change the way we shop. In recent years, people have started turning to greener alternatives and have adopted sustainable lifestyles. It is all about paying attention to the raw materials used in the products and the production process. 

This process can be used for every item we purchase, from accessories to cosmetics to clothing and footwear. Even a simple pair of shoes can make a huge difference.

What is Sustainable Footwear?

Sustainable footwear is mainly made using recycled waste or buy upcycling the waste and involves an eco-friendly manufacturing process. As a result, these shoes positively contribute to environmental conservation. They reduce toxic waste due to the usage of recycled materials. These shoes also use less water, and no harmful chemicals are involved in the manufacturing process.

Sustainable shoes are not made using animal products and do not involve animal killing. Most brands are now venturing into making sustainable shoes. It allows them to contribute to environmental conservation. Being driven by an eco-friendly conscience also helps them get better recognition and ensure brand building in a competitive market. 

Why is Sustainable Fashion Important?

Unfortunately, it may surprise you, but the fashion industry is one of the world’s biggest polluters. The footwear industry alone accounts for almost 1.4% (700 million metric tons) of the global greenhouse gas emissions.

Most of the shoes are made from plastic and harmful chemicals, which creates a catastrophe for the environment in the making. Furthermore, it is shocking news that these shoes take 30-40 years to decompose.

Many animals also lose their precious lives as a means to provide leather and suede for the manufacturing process. For the people and cobblers involved in the manufacturing process, sustainable fashion also means better working conditions, fair pay, and fewer illegal sweatshops. The only way to break this cycle of death, destruction, and pollution is to aim for sustainability.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Sustainable Footwear?

  • Less than 5% of post-consumer shoes are being recycled. This leads to the generation of a lot of waste. This enormous amount of waste is created by fast fashion. Many companies launch weekly fashion trends and fulfil them with poor quality and cheaply priced products. In comparison, sustainable brands focus on the quality and usage of long-lasting materials. Furthermore, sustainable footwear brands rarely follow the trends in fast fashion.
  • Shoes based on fast fashion trends have a huge carbon footprint. This is due to the material creation, manufacturing, transportation, and even waste decomposing in landfills. The materials used for these shoes also require a significant amount of energy to decompose and take many years. On the other hand, sustainable shoes utilize biodegradable materials obtained from natural or recycled sources. These shoes require little to no chemical treatment and have a negligible carbon footprint. Thus, they are eco-friendly and environmentally conscious.
  • When you buy sustainable shoes, you also give a strong message to the people around you and the economic system. You inspire the birth of a market oriented towards the production, sale, and distribution of sustainable products. So, in a way, you activate a circuit in which the environment is safeguarded.
  • Animals are a significant part of the ecosystem and play an integral role in ensuring that the earth is habitable. The use of leather, fur and wool obtained from animals for making shoes leads to their brutal killing. On the other hand, sustainable shoes are cruelty-free and guilt-free. Many of them are vegan and are made using leather and fur alternatives. This saves animals from exploitation and death while preserving the balance of the ecosystem.
  • Fast fashion companies create harsh working conditions for the workers. In most of them, the workers are paid under the living wage. Poor safety and health conditions, long working hours, and the constant pressure to produce; all create an environment of worker exploitation. Frequent child labour accusations have also been brought against fast fashion brands. Sustainable fashion brands prioritize fair wages and safe working conditions for all employees.

Why is Paaduks the Best Sustainable Footwear Brand?

Paaduks, is an online sustainable footwear brand, our footwear are made from 100% upcycled tyre waste. At our core lies upcycling. We use heaps and heaps of discarded rubber from old tires, conveyor belts, and rubber mats and recycle them to create soles for our footwear without involving any chemical processes. We have forayed into recycling cork as well, and together, with locally and ethically sourced raw materials like jute, vegan fabric, and more, we create uniquely comfortable and sustainably stylish footwear.  

Designed with an 8mm-insole and handcrafted by skilled artisans, our eco-friendly shoes are one of a kind. We formulate our footwear to give you the perfect fit you desire while keeping your feet happy. In addition, we have upcycled 8,50,000 kgs of tires, and we plan to increase this number. 

If you are looking for sustainable footwear, Paaduks is the best choice. Additionally, we deliver love in biodegradable and compostable packaging. Every pair you receive comes in a compostable box. Our packaging ethics focus on shaping the future and creating an environment-friendly approach.

As a company, we aim for sustainability and encourage our customers to do the same for the sake of our planet and future generations. So no matter what lies ahead for the fashion industry, we will still be here, working together with our customers, manufacturers, and distributors to ensure fair and sustainable practices for everyone.



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