How Artisans are Important for Sustainable Footwear Fashion?

From soles to souls, shoes contribute a great deal to our human experience. India being a country of artisans has always been looked upon for its traditional craft of footwear making. Let's take a detailed look at our traditional roots and how they are a better option when it comes to being eco-friendly.


Who is an Artisan?

An artisan is a qualified and highly skilled person who works mostly with their hands to create unique, functional and/or decorative items using traditional techniques. 

They are masters of a specific trade, typically native to their region, culture, or background.

Expert artisans in particular are known for giving attention to detail. They thoroughly examine each piece for quality assurance and see to its perfection.


How do artisans learn their craft?

Artists gain knowledge from their family and community. They learn and pass on techniques, skills, and secrets from one generation to the next starting while they are young. The techniques taught have enormous cultural significance for artisans.

Creating something by hand is a method to share history and heritage as well as a way for families to supplement their income. The roots lie in rural arts, and many crafts have been practiced by artisans for centuries.


Artisanal products and their importance:

Initially, artisans made products used in their day to day life for their neighborhood. During the onset of industrialization, most artisanal products became rare as machines took over.

Today, consumers have a newfound appreciation for these handmade artisanal goods as they are special and hold meaning as well as stand for rich history.

One of the most appreciated artisanal products in today's times are footwear, jewelry and clothes.


Handmade footwear - Superior in Tradition & Quality

Handmade footwear is appreciated and important to this very day. There is a rich history and quality in the process done by different communities of people. Handmade footwear retains the unique aura of century-old crafts and skills handed down from generation to generation. 

It is always known to be a family affair, from the very beginning up to today, and that’s why handmade footwear is a synonym of authenticity linked to culture and work ethic.


How Do Artisans Make Fashion Footwear More Sustainable?

The materials being used to create sustainable footwear usually use natural, locally-sourced materials. Artisans have started creating sustainable footwear from ethically sourced products and upcycled waste - Cotton, jute, denim, tyres, cork, PVC leather, elastic, foam, etc.

As a result, there are better environmentally friendly practices and processes, which in most cases also translate into higher quality materials than ever before.

Crafting beautiful, fashionable and sustainable footwear from the materials mentioned is a task in itself but the finished product is worth it all as it ensures a sustainable future and a better world for future generations.


Why is Artisanal Support Important?

  • Artisanal handwork is the right model for slow fashion:
Artisan hand-crafted pieces generally last longer, and can also be mended if they experience slight wear and tear reducing the need to throw and buy again.
  • It changes your relationship with your footwear
You feel compassion towards the artisans and the community they come from. With intricate designs and rich history, they will fill all our hearts.
  • The more we support the more they earn

Their livelihood is secured and they feel encouraged to not leave behind their crafts which they love and have been passing down from generation to generation.


Why are Handmade Shoes Popular In India?

We'll tell you why should you buy handmade footwear. Handmade footwear has been steadily gaining popularity in India owing to the rich traditions and history surrounding communities of artisans who make them as well as an increased knowledge of the importance of sustainability amongst the general population.


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